VDE Institute at Science Days 2017

At VDE’s stand at the Science Days pupils could solder a guardian angel with a temperature Display.

| Anja Rottke

VDE at Science Days 2017

At the Science Days in Rust pupils can experience natural sciences and technology by carrying out experiments and developing, constructing and testing things.  The science festival has been running for 17 years. It is organized by the Science & Technik association in cooperation with the Europa-Park. The theme for the festival this year is humans.


VDE Testing and Certification Institute
At the VDE E-Lab live pupils could build their own electrical circuits.

A few soldering points had to be corrected so that the circuit could pass the function test.

| Anja Rottke

The VDE Institute took part with the E-LAB live.  Supported by students from Freiburg University, the pupils could make an electronic circuit in the form of a VDE guardian angel. It had touch sensors that made the eyes blink, as we as a temperature display.  The children enjoyed soldering the individual components onto the circuit boards and screwing on the casing made by the 3D printer.  If their circuits passed the function and safety tests, the pupils received a VDE junior test certificate.

The aim of this initiative by VDE, which again sponsored the Science Days, and the VDE Institute was to interest children and young people in technical careers.  Staff from the VDE Institute also informed pupils about safety when handling electricity and how important it is when buying electrical products to choose not necessarily the cheapest, but to look for quality and safety labels.

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