smart grid, photovoltaic systems, smart metering, switchgear, cables and lines from low to high voltage

VDE Institute at Middle East Electricity Fair in Dubai

The VDE Institute was represented at the Middle East Electricity Fair (MEE) with a booth and several experts in the German Pavilion. This year the visitors were particularly interested in topics like smart grid, photovoltaic systems, smart metering, switchgear, cables and cords from low to high voltage as well as energy efficiency.


Dr. Günter Schipper
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The Middle East Electricity Fair is the most important platform for electrical engineering in the Gulf States and neighboring countries.

The efficient and intelligent use of energy is crucial for successful growth. Energy-efficient products and solutions can help to improve energy generation, transmission and distribution, as well as increase the reliability and precision in industrial processes, infrastructure and buildings. The German-Arab cooperation is the key to an efficient and productive development. Germany and the United Arab Republic share responsibilities for sustainable growth.

The existing recognition and listing of the VDE mark with the local energy authorities, such as FEWA, DEWA and ADWEA, is a prerequisite for VDE customers to export their products to the respective Gulf States. 

VDE-CIQ high performance testing facility

The new VDE-CIQ high-performance testing facility in Wenzhou also attracted great interest among the visitors at our booth. At the testing facility, switchgear, switchgear combinations and cables can be tested directly in China with local staff, supervised by the VDE. 

Recognition of the VDE Institute by the GSO states

An important milestone will be achieved with the upcoming recognition of the VDE Testing and Certification Institute by the GSO states to obtain the G-Mark certification. Manufacturers of  household appliances receive a VDE as well as G-Mark certification with a comibined test and therefore are allowed to import their products into the GSO states.

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