State-approved test center for measuring instruments for electricity
2017-01-18 TOP

VDE Institute is now a state-approved test center for measuring instruments for electricity

The VDE Testing and Certification Institute in Offenbach is a state-approved test center for measuring instruments for electricity (EHE9) and is now carrying out calibrations and diagnostic tests on utility meters.


Matthias Hübner

The correct display of measured values is indispensable when using intelligent measuring devices and systems. German legislation has therefore taken an important aspect into the new measurement and calibration law with the two methods of calibration and diagnostic testing. The VDE Institute has been entrusted with this state task and can now carry out calibrations and diagnostic testing under the sovereignty of the Weights and Measures Department in Hesse. "We carry out the examination, for example, if the energy supplier or the customer suspects that a measuring device is faulty or if manipulation is suspected," explains Matthias Hübner, who heads the inspection body at the VDE Institute. When calibrating, his team checks the measuring instruments that have already been used. This allows the consumer to ensure that the measuring instruments used display the correct value even after years and decades.

With the new service, the VDE Institute is aiming at manufacturers, market surveillance authorities and consumers. "We support users and calibration authorities as well as end users in the application of intelligent electricity measuring devices and systems," says Matthias Hübner. Furthermore, the VDE Institute offers conformity assessments in this area. This is necessary for placing the products on the market and is often still known as initial calibration.

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