Some product groups are not in the CCC product catalog
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Important information for existing CCC certifications

Special product groups must undergo CCC (China Compulsory Certification) before being exported to China. This mandatory certification has been in effect since 2002 and is strictly checked. Apart from product safety tests, the inspection of production facilities is another important component. There is the threat of high fines and litigation for products that are imported without a CCC certificate or with a forged mark. 


Christina Zhao

Some products were recently exempt from mandatory CCC certification. The corresponding CCC certificates will soon be retracted. If you have CCC certification, you can check the validity of your certificate on the official homepage of the CQC (China Quality Certification Center).

For years, the VDE Institute has been THE trustworthy and qualified certification partner for manufacturers that would like to sell their products in the People’s Republic of China. Even if your product is no longer in the CCC product catalog, we recommend voluntary certification with a CQC certificate. These testing standards are the same as with a CCC certificate but under a different name, since this is a voluntary certification.
As such, this significantly minimizes any possible problems at customs. In addition, Chinese consumers have been accustomed to purchasing products with national quality marks for years. CE marks or other foreign labels have no significant importance for the market. If your product is the only one without a Chinese quality mark, it may lead to sales problems that would not have occurred with voluntary certification.

With our expertise, we help manufacturers obtain CQC certification. As a result, not only do you receive the certification that your product meets the corresponding Chinese quality requirements, but you also have a better selling point with consumers compared to the competition.

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