CCC certificates according to GB/T 14048.3 and GB/T 14048.5 require an update
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Changes to standards GB/T 14048.3 and GB/T 14048.5 for low-voltage components

In order to have permission to import products to China and sell them there, these products require a CCC certificate. Products were tested according to certain standards for the certification. In two of these standards, GB/T 14048.3 and GB/T 14048.5, there were updates that you as a manufacturer or importer must be aware of if you already have a CCC certificate.


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Standards GB/T 14048.3 and GB/T 14048.5 apply to various low-voltage components, for which the corresponding CCC certificate must now be updated according to the guideline of the standard update. These certificate updates must be performed before the next CCC follow-up factory inspection. Otherwise, the existing CCC certification may be suspended or even canceled. If the generally mandatory updated testing of the products according to GB/T 14048.5 has not been performed by 05/01/2019 and–in the case of the GB/T 14048.3–by 07/01/2019, the validity of the CCC certificate may be suspended. Products cannot be imported to China during the validity suspension period.

Certificates that are not updated lose their validity

Existing CCC certificates must have performed the standard update according to GB/T 14048.5 no later than by 08/01/2019 so that the existing CCC certification remains intact. Otherwise, the certificate becomes invalid and the product must be completely re-tested.

For the standard update according to GB/T 14048.3, manufacturers still have until 10/01/2019 until the existing CCC certificates become invalid.

Be on the safe side with the VDE Institute

For years, we have been the right partner for manufacturers worldwide when it comes to introducing and selling (electrical) products in the People’s Republic of China. With our own laboratories in Asia, we also support local producers, since they, too, require CCC certification in order to receive authorization to sell their products in China. We are also able to obtain CCC certificates thanks to various collaborations and joint ventures with Chinese testing and certification institutes.

As such, contact us today and let us advise you on whether your product requires CCC certification or if you need to update your CCC certificate. 

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