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New CENELEC standard in information technology and IT cables

CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) has recently updated its DIN EN 50174 standards series. As such, the requirements and recommendations for proper installation, administration and documentation of IT wiring are being adapted to the latest developments in Power over Ethernet (PoE). The VDE certificates for data cables certify all the test parameters required for remote powering.


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Power over Ethernet is the most common remote powering system in modern networks. In remote powering, power is not supplied via additional cables or external power sources, but rather via the data network. However, this application is very demanding on the data cables that are used, since they are subjected to heavier electrical and, particularly, thermal loads due to the additional current.

DIN EN 50174 – An (In)adequate standard for PoE?

The latest editions of the DIN EN 50174-1 and 50174-2 standard parts contain important requirements that need to be taken into consideration when installing IT cables that use the latest IEEE Power-over-Ethernet specifications. The VDE 0800-174-X standard that has been accordingly implemented for Germany will be published in October by the DKE  (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies of DIN and VDE).

However, the update to the DIN EN 50174 standards series is merely a structure standard for remote powering or a guideline for using and operating the structured building wiring with remote powering.
To this day, there is no special product standard that specifically defines the cable requirements for these special applications. As such, product certification according to a specific standard for cable applications with remote powering is not possible.

The VDE Institute offers adequate tests for the application

The Testing and Certification Institute offers manufacturers an alternative.
The scope of testing for a VDE Mark Approval  or a VDE Certificate of Conformity with Factory Surveillance (VDE-Reg)  includes all the parameters that are relevant for remote powering. Users can use PoE using data cables with a VDE Mark or VDE Reg without any concern if the installation conditions of the aforementioned structure standards and the power limits of the system standards are followed. Our VDE certification tests not only take into account the high-frequency transmission characteristics and EMC parameters but also

  • Material characteristics,
  • Mechanical behavior,
  • Thermal resistance,
  • Resistance against various environmental effects,
  • Durability tests and 
  • A flammability test.

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