Certificate being issued to frogblue at the Light + Building

Certificate being issued to frogblue at the Light + Building. On the image from left to right: Steffen Zinkhan (Group Manager for Installation Products at the VDE Institute), Manuel Bott (Department Manager for Components and Installation Technology at the VDE Institute), Dr. Dirk David Goldbeck (Member of Management at the VDE Institute), René Hinkel (General Manager of frogblue TECHNOLOGY GmbH), Nicole Huffer (Chairwoman of Sales & Marketing at frogblue).

| Jens Wirok / frogblue

The VDE Institute issues the VDE mark to frogblue

Connected devices for one’s own home are becoming increasingly popular. However, we should not forget about safety when it comes to such products, since it can otherwise have serious consequences.


VDE Testing and Certification Institute

frogblue assumed this challenge, developed a Bluetooth LE-controlled light dimmer and had it certified by the VDE Institute. Therefore, consumers not only have the convenience of a connected home, but also the corresponding safety.

The experts at the VDE Institute tested the dimmer for electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), among other things. To that end, the product was tested for overload, short circuit and temperature, among other things. After testing, the experts agreed on one thing: The frogblue frogDim2-2 light dimmer had fulfilled all safety aspects and could therefore be awarded with the VDE mark.

“We are always happy to issue the VDE mark to companies that are committed to safely designing their products.”, explained Dr. Dirk David Goldbeck, member of the VDE Institute’s executive board, during the awarding of the certificate at Light + Building 2018, which took place yesterday.

frogblue is a young, dynamic company and the Bluetooth dimmer is the first product with which the company enters the market. As early as during the beginning of development, it was clear that they did not want to go without the VDE mark and also strived for VDE certification for future products.

“VDE certification was extremely important for us”, remarked René Hinkel, General Manager of frogblue TECHNOLOGY GmbH and further explained: “Ultimately, this test is THE test when it comes to low-voltage technology. The VDE test mark stands for safety, and electricians and consumers can count on that.”

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