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Verification requirement for test samples for EAC certification

Many electrical products that are imported to Russia or countries that are part of the Eurasian Economic Union (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan) must provide proof of conformity with the requirements of technical guidelines and standards via an EAC conformity mark before importation. Proof via delivered test samples will be required for certification in the future.


Heiko Sattler
EAC – EurAsian Conformity Mark

Recently, a two-page document was signed (in Russian only) between the Federal Customs Service and the Federal Service for Accreditation in Russia (RussAccreditation). The main subject matter of this letter is the necessity of verifying the importation of test samples with a cargo customs declaration (GTD; Russian: Грузовая таможенная декларация). The signed directive requires that the certification body store a copy of the GTD in the EAC certification documents. The presence of the GTD document will be inspected during future audits of the certification body by the Federal Service for Accreditation in Russia. Some customs offices are already requiring the GTDs for samples along with EAC certificates.

Thus, proof that the test sample has been sent to the laboratory will be required for issuing the EAC certificates in the future. This takes place by presenting the GDT document together with additional documents for EAC certification.

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