Certificate handover to Samsung at the IFA 2018

Sven Öhrke (middle), member of the Executive Board at the VDE Institute, issues the VDE special certificate to Simon Sung, President of Samsung Electronics (left) and Leif Erik Lindner, Business Director Consumer Electronics of Samsung Electronics (right).


VDE special certificate for Samsung QLED 8K televisions

On 8/30/2018 at the International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) in Berlin, the VDE Institute issued a VDE special certificate to Samsung that certifies the exceptionally high color volume in the color space and the exceptionally high peak luminance of the new QLED 8K Television.


VDE Testing and Certification Institute

The test specialists at the VDE test laboratory have certified that Samsung’s QLED 8K televisions can display very extensive color spaces and very high peak luminances. As such, Samsung televisions achieve 100% color volume according to the digital cinema standard DCI-P3, which is used for the American film industry.

"We support manufacturers and consumers alike with our special certificates. First of all, they can highlight excellent characteristics; second of all, shoppers receive assistance in making their purchase decision. Both have the peace of mind that the quality promise has been certified by an independent institution. Since we particularly value Samsung as our customer, we always look forward to certifying the excellent quality", describes Sven Öhrke, member of the Executive Board of the VDE Institute at the certificate handover at the IFA on 8/30/2018.

Color reproduction is measured as color volume at every brightness level that a display can show. The color volume includes the two elements "color space" and "peak luminance", whose values can be illustrated in three dimensions. The color space describes the amount of colors that can be physically displayed. Peak luminance refers to the display’s maximum brightness. The greater the color space and the higher the brightness, the more extensive the television’s color volume.

VDE at the IFA 2022

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