A fully anechoic room is now available in Offenbach for testing EMC and wireless appliances

Interference-free digitalization: The VDE Institute opens a new test room for wireless interference and EMC

Digitalization is unfathomable without interference-free wireless communication. Because of this, the VDE Institute has built an EMC fully anechoic room (FAR) that is currently the most modern facility on the German test market.


Hartmut Berndt

The VDE Institute has opened an additional, ultra-modern EMC fully anechoic room (EMC = electromagnetic compatibility) in Offenbach. It is the testing institute’s response to the industry’s growing demand for high-quality EMC and wireless testing services. "An increasing number of appliances and systems are connected to each other via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. If a appliance’s electromagnetic compatibility is disrupted, it affects other appliances or systems and causes unlawful system perturbations. In short: The digital transformation in business and industry is not possible without functioning and interference-free wireless communication–at all frequencies", explains Wolfgang Niedziella, Managing Director of the VDE Institute. The VDE Institute already has several EMC rooms, among them a 10-m large absorber room. "However, all test rooms have been at full capacity for a long time. This new construction significantly increases our capacity, allowing us to serve the increased industry demand. Furthermore, our customers are increasingly requiring an overview measurement very quickly as part of their development process", said Niedziella. This new test room now gives the independent institute greater capacity to offer this service, since the measurement is performed significantly quicker thanks to the latest measurement technology.

Powerful, high-bandwidth measurement technology

The VDE Institute’s fully anechoic room (FAR) is equipped with the latest, most powerful measurement technology that is available on the market for this test segment. The data speaks for itself: Using a very high-bandwidth, time-domain measurement device (> 600 MHz) and the fully anechoic technique, the radiated interference emissions of both floor-mounted and table appliances can be measured , and with a very high measurement speed ranging from 30 MHz to 18 GHz at that. The system can also perform measurements up to 40 (67) GHz. The VDE Institute can use this facility to particularly cover the testing and measurement requirements for the Wireless Equipment Directive (RED, 2014/53/EU) for manufacturers.

It focuses on components, appliances, and systems

Specific guidelines must be followed when integrating wireless modules into machines, household appliances, installation switches or lights. As such, the radiated parameters of the wireless modules that are installed in a new electromagnetic environment need to be verified again, since the test certificate at the module or part level alone is insufficient. A full absorber room offers the best conditions for these type of appliances, since they have two permanently installed antenna masts, among other things. As such, the parameters can be measured up to the upper GHz range without changing the antenna. In addition, the room has been specially optimized for the frequency range above 1GHz and offers high measurement quality. VDE experts can furthermore perform full testing on wireless modules and wireless appliances in the usual frequency ranges (Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth) in the full absorber room together with the also-new, ultra-modern, wireless testing system. The antenna radiation diagram that was created with the new system allows manufacturers to optimize their appliances’ reception quality and range during the development process.

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