Students learn how to solder at Science Days.
Anja Rottke / VDE

The VDE Institute at Science Days 2018

At the annual "Science Days" science festival at Europa-Park in Rust, students had the opportunity to learn about science and technology as well as intimately familiarize themselves with various topics related to science, technology and mathematics.  The VDE Institute was also present this year and delighted numerous boys and girls with an electronics assembly kit for DIY soldering.


VDE Testing and Certification Institute

From October 18 to 20, roughly 90 companies, educational institutes and other institutions once again invited people to experiment, test, and design. Children and teens learned about a multitude of professions and degree programs. Furthermore, they marveled at the special phenomena of physics and chemistry at various science shows.

This time, the VDE Institute brought along an electronics assembly kit, "VDE E-LAB live", which students soldered into a robot with a temperature display. Of course, they were allowed to take them home as a reward–together with their personal junior tester certificate. In addition, the young recruits learned a thing or two about safely handling electricity and electronics. We even managed to get a few excited about a career in electrical engineering or information technology.

The VDE Institute’s electronics assembly kit at Science Days 2018

Youth development and getting young people excited about technology is particularly important to the VDE. Various events and student campaigns, such as the annual Girls’Day at the VDE Institute, provide opportunities for interactions and the chance to receive exciting insights into the world of electrical engineering. With the VDE YoungNet, the VDE offers a unique network consisting of more than 8,000 student members and 6,000 young professionals whose objective is to motivate adolescents and young adults to pursue a career in electrical engineering early on and continuously guide them through their career path.


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