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The VDE team was available to answer questions at the IFA
2018-09-06 Messe

The VDE at the IFA 2018- a review

In the area of consumer and home electronics, the IFA is the leading international trade fair and every year it offers impressive new highlights.  This year the VDE was in the successful IFA Next hall 26 and at VDE Global Services at Station Berlin. Visitors were able to experience the fascinating world of technology and exciting stations.

Smart, networked, hacked?

New devices can often now be controlled by an app on your smartphone or tablet.  So these devices are mostly linked to the internet.  But you often hear or read on the news that hackers can hack into your home network via insecure devices and steal valuable data and information.  In the industry it’s known as industrial espionage.  Another danger is the risk of hackers taking control of machines or robots. It must not happen! Hackers should not be able to steal or manipulate data either privately or commercially. As a testing and certification institution, we support manufacturers of devices to make their products more secure and when they pass testing we grant them an ‘information safety’ certificate. This gives both consumers and the industry the confidence that their use of devices will not be exploited by cyber criminals. 

Of course visitors also had to fend off viruses, Trojans and hackers by themselves. In our game ‘Balance challenge’ the home network had to be defended against hacker attacks by balance shifting on a balance board.

Marcel Bender, our sketcher and caricaturist, had a networked drawing block.  Many visitors had a caricature done and took away a portrait as a souvenir.

Talks by VDE experts at the IFA

Nearly every day, both at the IFA Next Engine state in hall 26 and at the IFA GLOBAL MARKET EXPERTS TALK at Station Berlin,  our experts gave informative talks about various subjects, such as experience reports from testing smart home products, quality assurance of ‘made in China’ products and the functional safety of shopping 4.0. Many IFA visitors were interested in our topics and we answered many questions.

Experience Smart Living

At the joint stand of the associations VDE, ZVEH and ZVEI, in the new House of Smart Living visitors could try out and experience all the devices, systems and products you can network and integrate into homes. The 100m2 model house had an impressive new look this year demonstrating innovative light technology, smart mirrors and age appropriate assistance systems.  So everyone can stay longer in their own apartment or house and maintain their independence. 

At the 2018 IFA everyone was able to solder a Berlin radio tower

We gave the younger generation the opportunity to learn about or expand their knowledge of the basic craft of technology With a soldering and construction kit of Berlin Radio Tower, we soon became the focal point for technology enthusiasts visiting the trade fair and we were busy helping everyone to build their own radio tower to take home with them.   We were delighted by the great response to the radio tower and we are already looking forward to the next soldering activity at the 2019 IFA.

VDE Institute presents certificates

The VDE sign has long been recognized as a mark of quality and safety. The testing and certification institute was established almost 100 years ago and it awards certificates to safe products and systems. A VDE certificate is an accolade for manufacturers because it means they’ve done everything right. Once again we were able to award some certificates personally at the IFA.

Certificate handover to Samsung at the IFA 2018

Sven Öhrke (middle), member of the Executive Board at the VDE Institute, issues the VDE special certificate to Simon Sung, President of Samsung Electronics (left) and Leif Erik Lindner, Business Director Consumer Electronics of Samsung Electronics (right).


Samsung is setting the standard with its new QLED-8K television. Sven Öhrke, member of the management board of the VDE Institute, presented a VDE special certificate on 30 August for the especially high color volumes and very high peak brightness of the new QLED-8K television.

To the press release
Haier receives a VDE special certificate from Sven Öhrke for exceptionally long-lasting freshness

Sven Öhrke (links) vom VDE-Institut vergibt zwei Sonderzertifikate an Yannick Fierling, CEO Haier Europe.

| Carina Schilay

On 30 August Sven Öhrke presented two VDE special certificates to Haier Group, whose fridge freezers were shown to keep food fresh for 8 times longer.

To the press release
The first encrypted smart home bus system from eQ-3 was certified as secure by the VDE Institute

Wolfgang Niedziella (left), General Manager of the VDE Institute, issues the VDE special certificate to Bernd Grohmann, Chairman of eQ-3.

| Anja Rottke

On 31 August, Wolfgang Niedziella, director of the VDE Institute, awarded eQ3 a VDE special certificate for the first encoded smart home bus system. 

To the press release
MIDEA accepts the VDE special certificate for process water storage tanks from the VDE Institute

Sven Öhrke (left), member of the Executive Board at the VDE Institute, issues the VDE special certificate to Wang Ming from MIDEA Water Heaters.

| Anja Rottke

On August 31, Sven Öhrke presented the Chinese market leader MIDEA with a VDE special certificate for DHW storage, thus confirming a 35 percent energy saving compared to a device of the same design with conventional control.

Zur Pressemitteilung
Sven Öhrke (second from right), member of executive board at VDE Institute, issues a certificate to Vestel

from left to right: Olgun Zorlu (Board Member), Turan Erdogan (CEO Vestel), Ahmet Nazif Zorlu (Chairman Zorlu Holding), Sven Öhrke (Member of Executive Board at the VDE Institute), Erdal Haspolat (General Manager Vestel)


Vestel, the Turkish manufacturer of household devices, was awarded 4 certificates by Sven Öhrke. The household front-loader model 1262FG was granted the certificate by the VDE Institute for, among other things, its short program cycle and efficient wash results.

Sven Öhrke (right), member of executive board at VDE Institute, issues a certificate to Wuxi Littleswan.

On 3 September, Sven Öhrke, member of the management board of the VDE Institute, presented two other certificates at the IFA Berlin:  Littleswan, a company in the Chinese  MIDEA Group, received the certificate for the short program cycle and efficient washing results of their washer-dryer model VDL1D100ITY4.
Sven Öhrke also gave a certificate to Toshiba, the washing machine brand of MIDEA for its washing machine model TW-BH11*W*. VDE’s test experts identified its particularly efficient cold water washing and low energy consumption.

Business initiative Smart Living takes part

At the 2018 IFA, the business initiative Smart Living (BMWi) introduced itself at the association stand of VDE, ZVEH and ZVEI

from left to right: Thomas Köhler (deputy director of the offices Smart Living), Dr. Andreas Goerdeler (BMWi), Bernd Franke (VDE)


Once again this year the business initiative Smart Living was a guest at the joint booth of the associations VDE, ZVEH and ZVEI.  In accordance with the innovative concept of IFA Next, which brings together global expertise in technology, business and lifestyle under one roof, the business initiative Smart Living presented their activities.  Many people were interested in learning about the goals and activities of the business initiative and in their roundtable discussion at the “IFA Next Innovation Engine" they presented their key concerns of safety, energy, comfort, cyber security, health, assistance and e-mobility.
Participants in the business initiative Smart Living are companies initiatives, associations and clubs. The business initiative combines all activities in the area of Smart Living, to operate across standards and platforms.