The VDE Institute, a TSM office, certifies technical safety management

Dr. Klaus Kreiß (3rd from the right), Director of the Certification Body at the VDE Institute, awards the TSM certificate to the board of directors of ovag Netz AG.


Technical safety management: VDE Institute issues certificate to ovag Netz AG

After successful appraisal by VDE|FNN TSM experts, the VDE Institute, a TSM office, issued the certificate for certified technical safety management (TSM) to ovag Netz AG’s board of directors.


Katharina Heller

TSM is a solution that is tailored to energy supply. The TSM certificate, issued in collaboration with the network technology/network operation forum in VDE (VDE|FNN), documents compliance with requirements for a company’s qualification and organization for operating electricity distribution networks based on VDE-AR-N-4001 (S 1000).

By issuing the TSM certificate to ovag Netz AG, the VDE Institute affirms the energy supplier’s organizational safety with respect to technical safety and enterprise organization. To that end, independent VDE experts test the organizational structures for compliance with laws, ordinances, generally accepted rules of engineering, and employers’ liability insurance association rules.

“Our TSM service offers many advantages to network operators like the ovag NetZ AG, e.g. when applying for concessions. Furthermore, liability risks can be minimized and employees and managers in network operating companies gain confidence in their actions. Supporting independent action is still the goal”, explained Dr. Klaus Kreiß during the awarding of the TSM certificate in Freidberg.

About the VDE Institute and TSM

Since July of 2017, the technical safety management (TSM) office has been a part of the VDE Testing and Certification Institute (VDE Institute). The VDE Institute handles supervision and development of TSM customer projects in the electricity division. Furthermore, the network technology/network operation forum in VDE (VDE|FNN) advances the content development of TSM in the form of guidelines and rules of application.

By means of their collaboration, both VDE units pool their expertise in electrical supply networks and therefore address the needs of network operators in a more targeted manner. TSM certification is a showcase for safe, high-quality power supply.

About ovag Netz AG

Headquartered in Friedberg, ovag Netz AG is a distribution system operator and a 100% subsidiary of Oberhessischen Versorgungs- und Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH (OVVG), whose network is roughly 2,700 km² in size and spans the Gießen district, the Vogelsberg district, Wetterau district, and the Main-Kinzig district.

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