Electrical appliances must be tested according to the SASO standard for energy efficiency
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The VDE Institute assists with imports to Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian Standard Organization (SASO) has once again recognized the VDE Institute as a testing institute for energy labeling.


Yuliya Fast

Electrical appliances that are imported to Saudi Arabia are subject to strict guidelines on their energy labeling, among other things. The SASO Directive aims to decrease the consumption of electrical energy and thus, overall energy demand in the kingdom. The VDE Institute is a SASO-accredited laboratory and is therefore authorized to perform the appropriate tests according to SASO guidelines.

Previously applicable standards were recently adapted to the European Union’s energy-efficiency guidelines. In addition to washing machines and refrigerators, the directive now applies to dryers as well. A certificate on energy efficiency and an energy efficiency label for the import to Saudi Arabia are mandatory for these appliances. If this certification is missing, customs rejects the import.

The VDE Institute assists manufacturers with documenting the energy consumption of their products accordingly. We guarantee high testing quality with our modern testing systems and our testers’ years of experience. In Saudi Label & Standard’s (SL&S) database, we provide our precise measurement results as a test report along with additional information on the importer. SL&S performs the certification using the test report. The certificate is valid for one year. Afterwards, the product in question requires full re-testing.

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