VDE mark in 3D

The VDE mark is highly recommended

The VDE mark was added to the database of the consumer portal "Label-online", where it was classified as "highly recommended".


VDE Testing and Certification Institute

"Consumers can tell by the mark that the product in question meets all safety standards and applicable guidelines", attests the independent evaluation portal Label-online about the VDE mark. In order to evaluate it, the processes and guidelines at the VDE Testing and Certification Institute were precisely examined. It turns out that the VDE mark has a very high level of transparency in the award process and that the VDE Institute is fully independent as well. The manufacturer of products that bear the VDE mark must regularly expect quality and safety checks in order to maintain the VDE mark. All these activities make the VDE mark a "demanding label that significantly contributes to safety regarding the electronic, mechanical, thermal, toxicological, radiological and other hazards of electrical" products, systems and devices.

Label online is a project by the VERBRAUCHER INITIATIVE e.V. and is intended to give consumers an overview of numerous labels, test and quality marks that circulate in trade. The marks and labels are explained in detail, from the goal to the awarding process. An independent body provides consumers with a quick and detailed assessment of individual marks along with their meaning and quality.

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