Lothar Hellmann presents Bernd Franke with the honorary pin
ZVEH / Gierke

ZVEH honors Bernd Franke from the VDE Institute for years of commitment

Lothar Hellmann, President of the ZVEH (Central Association of German Electrical and Information Engineering Handicrafts) honored Bernd Franke from the VDE Testing and Certification Institute as part of the ZVEH Annual Meeting 2018 in Munich for his years of commitment with the honorary pin and certificate.


VDE Testing and Certification Institute

Lothar Hellmann paid tribute to decades of good cooperation between Bernd Franke and the ZVEH, as well as its broad range of knowledge and activities. In addition to Bernd Frankes special field, the testing and standardization work, he also always showed a clear view of the economic interests of small and medium-sized enterprises, Hellmann said in his eulogy.

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