If you build, you also have to install cables. And it's best to use VDE-certified cables
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2019-04-24 Testing + Certification

VDE certified cables for better broadband expansion

In order to promote broadband expansion in Germany, the German government passed the DigiNetz Act in 2016. This law aims to facilitate the expansion of digital high-speed networks. As a result, fiber optic cables must be laid along every traffic route on every construction site. The integration of fiber optics must also be ensured in new development areas. 


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Infrastructure managers are facing both planning and technical challenges. Because optical communication is neither the core area nor the actual business interest of these companies, there is a lack of corresponding expertise. More and more infrastructure operators are therefore demanding a focus on standardized quality products. Construction companies and their owners should demand appropriate certifications in their tenders from an accredited and independent testing and certification institute. 

Future-proof networks through VDE certification

It is obvious that a law like the DigiNetzG is increasing the demand for cables. However, the anticipated quantitative increase in fiber and cable production must by no means be at the expense of quality. To ensure the quality, availability and interoperability of the networks in the future, the use of standardized cables or micro-pipe systems offers considerable advantages, especially in light of the DigiNetz law. In addition, the use of tested and certified cables and components gives the responsible parties additional security that the installed networks can be used profitably and without disruption even in the future.

Only certification by an accredited and independent testing institute such as the VDE Institute ensures that products actually meet the specified requirements. A VDE mark approval confirms conformity with national and international standards and includes continuous product inspection with regular monitoring of the production site. VDE-tested cables offer considerable advantages in the awarding process both for infrastructure operators and for suppliers of cables and components. 

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