In the future, a self-declaration will suffice in China for some products
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2019-10-29 short info

Important change to product certification in China

According to the Chinese market regulation authority’s (SAMR) announcement No 44 on October 16, 2019, changes have been made to mandatory product certification.


Ching-Yun Wang
Christina Zhao

1. Change to the mandatory scope for product certification

18 products (Annex 1) no longer require approval. The certification body is retracting issued certifications. However, the manufacturer may request a voluntary CQC certificate.

2. Additional products for the self-declaration

17 products (Annex 2 under the note "NEW") no longer require certification from a third party. In this case, a self-declaration will suffice for the future.

2.1 Change to the provision in the product certification obligation

Products that are part of the self-declaration can no longer receive a binding CCC product certificate. The manufacturer must follow the "Regulation on mandatory self-declaration evaluation of products" by performing the self-assessment and registering the product in the online system to obtain the self-declaration ( Products may be sold in China or imported to China only after the product conformity information has been specified and the mandatory CCC certification mark has been applied.

The previous third-party certification is replaced by the product conformity information provided by the manufacturer (including a test report with proof of conformity of the product with the applicable GB standard), together with the evaluation of the product.

Self-declaration Product A
In order to provide proof of the corresponding GB standard, the test report of any accredited laboratory can be used.

Self-declaration Product B
Proof of compliance with the relevant GB standard must be provided by a test report from an accredited laboratory.
However, only designated laboratories can be used. This means that these laboratories have been previously used to obtain the appropriate CCC certification exams.

After successfully registering the product in the online system, a document titled "Self-declaration for mandatory certification of product conformity" (see example in Annex 3) will be issued. This document is the basis for the continued mandatory affixing of the CCC mark on the product. Subsequent monitoring and management are also required.

A manufacturer has until 12/31/2019 to decide on whether they would like to obtain a mandatory product certificate (CCC) from a certification body or carry out a self-declaration.

As of 1/1/2020, products must obtain the "mandatory self-declaration for certification" of product conformity. A mandatory CCC product certificate will no longer be issued. This also applies to started old certification processes.

The manufacturer must change the mandatory product certificate (CCC) to a self-declaration and retract the CCC certificate latest by 10/31/2020.
As of 11/1/2020, the certification body will retract all the issued product certificates (CCC) and switch to voluntary CQC certificates at the manufacturer’s request.

3. Change to mandatory requirement for telecommunications terminal equipment

Since the notice has been published, the document YD/T993 "The technical requirements and test methods of overvoltages and overcurrents resistibility for wire telecommunication terminal equipment" is no longer being used as a basis for mandatory product certification.

Please consult our experts in international service for additional assistance with more information. This applies in particular in connection with the conversion to the voluntary CQC certification, which can bring the customer decisive advantages over the obligatory self-declaration.

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