Anyone who has a certificate in Russia must ensure that the certificate is not invalidated
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2019-04-25 Testing + Certification

Russian government tightened certification controls

With the N 300 decree, the Russian government is tightening its controls with state certification bodies. If irregularities are detected, certificates may be declared invalid without further notification to the certificate holder. The pressure for manufacturers and importers thus becomes stronger to look for reliable testing and certification partners.


Heiko Sattler

The current Informational document of the FSA (Federal Accreditation Service) provides information about the N 300 decree. As a result, the FSA will not only scrutinize future audits and certifications more rigorously, but will also scrutinize current certificates and conformity assessments. If any abnormalities or irregularities occur before or during testing and certification, the certificate or the conformity assessment is immediately declared invalid. Discussions or objections will not be allowed.

On the safe side with VDE certification

The VDE Institute has long been a proven accredited testing and certification partner for companies and importers who want to import their goods to Russia. The quality of the goods is ensured through inspections of the production facilities and regular product inspections. The Russian certification authorities know and appreciate this. For this reason, VDE test reports are well regarded when obtaining the Russian safety mark. We carefully select our Russian partner offices for certification.

When importing or selling electrotechnical products and systems in Russia, the surest way for a permanent certification is a test from the VDE Testing and Certification Institute. Contact us soon to ensure your product can continue to be represented in the Russian market.

This applies not only to certifications according to the technical regulations for safety (TR CU 004) and EMC (TR CU 020) as the basis for the EAC mark, but also for radio-operated devices that require certification.
The VDE Institute offers a corresponding service for all manufacturers regarding radio licenses in all states of the EAWU (Eurasian Economic Union). 

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