VDE CGC Testing and Certification is a joint venture between VDE Global Services and the China General Certification Center

Zhong-Xuan Wu (Managing Director VDE Global Services China and General Manager VDE CGC), Sven Öhrke (Executive Director VDE Global Services und VDE CGC), Martin Fleischer (Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Canton), Ansgar Hinz (CEO VDE), Haiyan Qin (Chairman CGC), Alf Henryk Wulf (Advisory Board VDE und Member Presidium VDE), Dinghuan Shi (Former secretary general of China ministery of Science and technology) and Chuanwei Zhang (Chairman Ming Yang Smart Energy Group) (v.ln.r.) at the opening

2019-05-27 press release

VDE CGC joint venture opens high-tech laboratory in China

A few days ago, the VDE CGC Testing and Certification Co., Ltd opening ceremony took place. Household appliances, lighting, and EMC will now be tested in the new hi-tech laboratory. The joint venture between VDE Global Services GmbH and China General Certification Center simplifies access to the Chinese market for manufacturers of products with VDE or CB marks. 

A German-Chinese symposium for product quality and safety was held at the Man Sum information technology and science park of the city of Zhongshan (Guangdong province) on the occasion of the VDE CGC Testing and Certification Co., Ltd (VDE CGC)’s opening on May 21, 2019. Among other things, discussions were held here about how to strengthen the collaboration between China and Germany in the testing and certification industry in order to improve the safety and quality of Chinese products. The participants, which also included deputy mayor Yuelong Lei, agreed that the founding of the VDE CGC promotes the harmonization and integration of technology and standards between China and Germany.  

One-stop service for international market success

VDE CGC has set up a multitude of advanced testing equipment in its new testing laboratory in order to perform national and international safety tests. As a result, Chinese manufacturers can market their products worldwide; however, they are not the only ones to benefit. Products that have a VDE or CB mark can receive the "China Compulsory Certification" (CCC)–which is important for China–without additional testing. As a result, even these manufacturers can expand their markets and export to the growing Chinese market. 

"Thanks to the newly founded VDE CGC, we can fully take advantage of and combine the strengths and benefits of Germany and China.", explained Sven Öhrke, Managing Director of VDE Global Services and VDE CGC at the opening ceremony. "Because this is how we create the foundation for building standardized and safe, quality products". Ansgar Hinz, CEO VDE e.V, adds the following while touring the new laboratories: "The goal is to become the country’s leading, open service platform for testing and certifications. To that end, we will continue to expand the testing services of the VDE CGC." 

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