VDE certifies smart meters according to the OMS specification
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2019-06-12 Testing + Certification

The VDE Institute certifies measurement systems according to the OMS specification

The future is digital, even in measurement systems. In the coming years, intelligent measurement systems will be installed in an increasing number of households. These systems measure, among other things, the electricity, gas, water, and heat consumption and send the collected data. The VDE Institute now certifies communication modules according to the specifications of the OMS-Group. 

Measurement systems typically consist of two elements: a gas, water or electricity meter and a smart meter gateway (communication module) that enables data transfer. As a result, smart home applications can automatically be turned on or off, depending on when rates are cheaper, for instance, saving consumers money. 

MoU between the VDE Institute and OMS-Group for interoperable communication

In order that all measurement equipment from various applications can communicate with a smart meter gateway in an interoperable manner, the OMS-Group has developed a future-proof communication standard that is based on European standards. As such, the Open Metering System is perfectly suited as a stable interface in products that use consumer data – such as in smart homes or buildings. 

In a memorandum of understanding (MoU), the VDE Testing and Certification Institute (VDE Institute) will conduct certifications on measurement equipment to certify compliance with OMS standards. "We are happy to have found a reliable partner in the VDE Institute. By certifying OMS meters from various manufacturers, we can not only confirm compatibility with OMS systems but also guarantee it.", explained Andreas Bolder, Executive Board spokesperson of the OMS-Group during the signing of the MoU a few days ago. "To reduce energy consumption and to increasingly integrate renewable energies, intelligent electricity, gas, water, and heat meters are required. Therefore, it is a special pleasure for us to certify OMS meters and to work closely with the OMS-Group.", added Wolfgang Niedziella, Managing Director of VDETesting and Certification Institute.

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