German VDE and Bejing CGC Certification Center at signing ceremony
2020-01-03 short info

Establishment of the first international and domestic VDE and CGS certification labortory in eastern China

On December 16, 2019, the Cixi Municipal Government held a signing ceremony with German VDE and Beijing CGC Certification Center about jointly build the first international and domestic authoritative testing and certification VDE & CGC comprehensive laboratory in East China that mainly focuses on household appliances and auto parts industries.

Mr. Zhongxuan Wu

The establishment of VDE & CGC East China Comprehensive Testing Base means that Cixi enterprises can enjoy international first-class testing and certification services in the near future. The testing base will provide testing and certification services mainly for household appliances and automotive electronics industries. Among them, relying on the strength of German VDE as a technical service agency designated by the German Motor Vehicle Administration (KBA), it can provide localized testing and international certification services for products in the fields of electric vehicles, auto parts and charging infrastructure (including E-mark Etc.), to achieve "one certificate global communication", help local enterprises to expand the domestic market more efficiently, and enter the European Union and other international markets more quickly.

After the completion of the VDE & CGC East China Comprehensive Testing Base Project, the testing period of Cixi's enterprise products is expected to be significantly shortened. The testing base can also enable local enterprises to understand the standards of relevant products in Europe and other international markets in a timely and clear manner, and further improve the level of enterprise manufacturing. In addition, Cixi will make full use of the location advantage of Cixi in the center of the Hangzhou Bay Greater Bay Area, with Cixi Base as the center to radiate inspection and certification services to the surrounding Hangzhou Bay Greater Bay Area and the nation's related industries for transformation and upgrading and innovation development.

The signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Xiang Min, deputy secretary of the Cixi municipal party committee and Cixi Mayor, Mr. Hua Jiaping, director of the Cixi municipal government office, Mr. Huang Lei, secretary of the party working committee and chairman of the management committee of Cixi high-tech industrial development zone, Mr. Ding Xianglin, deputy director of the Cixi municipal government office, Mr. Wang Yichuan, deputy director of the High-tech Industrial development zone management committee, Mr. Sven Öhrke, a member of the board of the VDE Testing and Certification Institute, Mr. Qin Haiyan, Chairman of Beijing CGC Certification Center and Mr. Wu Zhongxuan, General Manager of VDE China.

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