As of March 2021, all energy efficiency classes will be categorized from A to G
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New labels for energy efficiency

On March 1, 2021, the European Union will update the appearance and requirements for the energy efficiency label. The affected equipment groups include displays and TV equipment, washing machines and dryers, light sources, refrigerators and dishwashers.

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The most important update is the return to the A-to-G rating system; classes A+ to A+++ will no longer apply. To ensure that technical development is still given enough leeway without having to make modifications to the label soon again, equipment that now has the best energy-efficiency class will be categorized as class B during the restructuring. Category A will therefore remain free for improved technologies for the time being. This is intended to encourage manufacturers to develop and manufacture even better products.

QR code for greater transparency

In the future, a QR code for the consumer must be placed on each energy label. It links to additional equipment information in the European product database, "EPREL".

The Ecodesign Directive - which is primarily important for manufacturers and distributors - was also republished. It states that manufacturers will provide essential spare parts and repair instructions upon request in order that simple repairs can be performed on the equipment.

Lights out for halogen lamps

An additional prominent reform is that halogen lamps are expected to be fully replaced by LED lamps. To that end, a transition period until 2023 is defined in the corresponding implementation order.

Experts at the VDE Institute help manufacturers measure energy consumption and offer a comprehensive test spectrum for the Ecodesign requirements.

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