Awarding ceremony

VDE grants Samsung Electronics LED Business the qualification of the highest level of authorized testing laboratory

VDE (Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies), a global testing and certification body, recognized Samsung Electronics' safety testing quality and technology for LED modules

Sven Öhrke

On 26. October, VDE and Samsung Electronics held a ceremony at the COEX Intercontinental Hotel awarding the certificate for the stage 3, the highest level of the Test Data Acceptance Program (TDAP), which is VDE's own test laboratory accreditation program.

This means that Samsung Electronics LED Business is able to carry out the entire test process required for safety certification of LED modules by themselves, as the only recognized test lab among all manufacturers on the Korea’s domestic industry as 'TDAP Stage3'.

VDE is a renowned organization leading European standards, testing and certifications in various electric, electronic and energy products and technologies including lighting products.

VDE Global Services CEO, Sven Öhrke said, “VDE is a representative testing and certification body in Europe. Products that have acquired VDE certificates are regarded as having high reliability in safety, and consumers have high preference. The acquisition of TDAP Stage 3 is expected to help Samsung Electronics exports lighting components to Europe.”

Samsung Electronics LED Business - Head of Quality Assurance Team Choi Soo-ho spoke, "VDE's TDAP Stage3 qualification is an opportunity to inform global customers of the quality of Samsung LED moduels. We will continue to lead the global LED market through excellent quality management."  

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