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VDE Institute at Electronic Goes Green 2020

The "Electronics Goes Green" (EGG) took place last Tuesday. This conference has been held every 4 years since 2000. It is the meeting point for experts from all over the world who deal with ecological product design of electrical and electronic products. The focus is on the choice of materials, energy consumption and recyclability of the products as well as sustainability and life cycle assessment. Due to the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the conference took place for the first time in the virtual world. With video presentations, exciting new innovations were discussed and the panel discussions that followed asked the participants to discuss certain points again. 

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VDE expert gives lecture on "Sustainability criteria for white goods"

The VDE Institute also took part in the conference. VDE expert Dr. Michael Riess, spoke in his lecture “Sustainability Criteria for White Goods” about the development of the criteria for sustainability assessment. The topic of sustainability encompasses more than just general energy consumption, the selection of materials and production conditions also play an essential role. In general, the important criteria can be divided into the following aspects: ecological (ecodesign / energy efficiency), economic (financially feasible) and social (good working conditions).

In his later panel discussion, Dr. Riess with the topic of production improvement: How can a product be developed sustainably from the beginning? Improved recyclability, recycling-compatible material selection and absence of harmful substances are the important building blocks of environmentally friendly product design. These product properties are regularly measured together with the energy consumption in the laboratories of the VDE testing institute. On this basis, the Life Cycle Assessment of the products can be improved - an important step towards for CO2-neutral production. 

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