Certificate handover from the CSA to VDE CGC
2020-04-23 short info

VDE CGC recognized as a qualified laboratory by CSA

In a festive ceremony on April 15, 2020, VDE CGC (Guangdong) Testing and Certification Co., Ltd. (VDE CGC) received recognition as a qualified laboratory by the CSA Group (Canadian Standards Association).

Mr. Zhongxuan Wu
Participants in the certificate presentation discussing

The official handover was accompanied by lively discussions on how the collaboration can be made even more active and in-depth. As part of the recognition, additional collaboration projects—in which the partners can mutually benefit from and complement each other—are expected to be carried out in China.

The CSA Group is one of the largest institutions for defining standards in North America and actively collaborates with technical teams of experts and testing laboratories worldwide. A strict evaluation was conducted to assess the VDE CGC’s testing capabilities. The CSA Group verified the VDE CGC’s capabilities with regard to staff, technology, equipment, qualifications and much more. As a result, the laboratory accreditation certificate was issued to VDE CGC.

Its acquisition of the certificate shows that VDE CGC is highly regarded by the CSA Group. This means that VDE CGC continues to improve its testing capabilities and has therefore strengthened its position in the North American certification field. It can offer a comprehensive global testing and certification service from one source.

For a long time, both the CSA Group and the VDE CGC have supported safety and sustainable development and wish to make a positive contribution to society. Thanks to henceforth increasingly closer collaboration in tests and certifications, we can offer companies more professional and efficient localization. With the help of our one-stop test solutions, companies can asses whether their products meet applicable safety and performance standards.

Both parties will continue to use their professionality and the latest technologies to enable Chinese companies to enter both North American and global markets more efficiently and quickly.

About the CSA Group

The CSA Group was founded in 1919 and is a major global organization for defining, testing and certifying standards. The company currently has subsidiaries in important markets such as Canada, the U.S., Europe and the Asian-Pacific region. The CSA Group entered China in 1997 and has set up laboratories and subsidiaries in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Kunshan. Its area of operations includes electric equipment, industry, medical equipment, explosive atmospheres, sanitary ceramics, civil engineering, gas, lighting and new energy.


In its high-tech laboratory in the Chinese city of Zhongshan (in the province of Guangdong), the VDE-CGC joint venture offers local tests for household appliances, lighting and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Together with the China General Certification Center (CGC), we enable simplified access to both the Chinese and the international market. The VDE has significantly increased and expanded its capacities in China with the VDE CGC.

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