IP protection rating test on a lawnmower

VDE Special Certificate for Protection Ratings

The VDE Institute’s special certificate for protection ratings helps manufacturers and distributors clearly and explicitly display their product’s protection rating for end consumers.

Hartmut Berndt

Gardening equipment is not the only electrical equipment that is used outside. Consumer electronics, household appliances and luminaires are also being increasingly used outdoors. The standards require the corresponding protection rating tests that ensure that the equipment is protected from dust and water ingress. For consumers, however, the protection rating is not always immediately apparent most of the time. In addition, there are dubious vendors who may have a protection rating label on their equipment, but it does not comply with the corresponding protection rating at all.

The VDE Institute assists manufacturers and distributors in determining the protection rating and with labelling of the same that is clearly visible for shoppers. This is because not everybody immediately understands the information on the label. With our VDE special mark for protection ratings, consumers can immediately tell which protection rating the selected equipment has. This special mark is ideally suited for supporting marketing activities, e.g. in brochures or online shops. This certificate gives shoppers the peace of mind that the manufacturer’s information on the equipment’s protection rating has been tested and verified by a neutral body. Furthermore, the identification number can be used in our online register to quickly determine the presence of an authentic and independent certificate that consumers can trust.

An essential requirement for the special certificate is compliance with all safety-related requirements that are mandatory as per the applicable EU directives and standards. For instance, these requirements must be present, e.g. in the form of VDE test results. The test results of accredited test laboratories are also recognized.  

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