Problems with the procurement of chips
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2021-09-22 short info

Chip shortage - Support for approval of alternative components

At present, many vehicle manufacturers and suppliers are having problems procuring chips and alternative components. This poses a challenge to the automotive industry in order to remain able to deliver. Are you also affected by these problems?  

Stephanie Werner

The VDE Testing and Certification Institute is your technical service (No. KBA-P 00021-97) for electromagnetic compatibility. We are a designated Technical Service of category A, B and D by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA).

We support you flexibly and efficiently in the conversion of ECE R10 approvals to alternative components. Together with you, we work out the necessary steps for this and accompany you throughout the entire approval process – from measurement, documentation and application to the Federal Motor Transport Authority through to the final granting of approval by the KBA.  

Measuring equipment

  • Radiated immunity test with antennas up to 200 V/m
  • Stripline testing
  • BCI method (bulk current injection)
  • Near-field simulation (radiated immunity) with special near-field antennas
  • Emissions measurements (CISPR 25)
  • Emissions testing of magnetic field
  • Testing high-voltage components
  • Comprehensive simulation support (CAN, LIN, Flexray, current measurement, etc.)
  • Water, wastewater, compressed air
  • Special high-voltage supply option via filter (up to 1000 V / 200 A)
  • Near-field antenna testing, “cellphone test” (ISO 11452-9)
  • Modern dynamometer for EMC testing of pedal-driven two-wheelers (pedelecs, e-bikes)

You can find more information about EMC here.

The VDE Institute tests the electromagnetic compatibility of vehicles

Current Information about the VDE Institute