"Career Talk" via Zoom with the students of the S5 class (11th grade)

VDE brings young talent to the classroom

VDE Global Services Hong Kong, a subsidiary of the VDE Institute, has successfully established a Business School Partnership Program under the auspices of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce. The Partnership Program is launched in cooperation with Munsang College (Hong Kong Island). The basic idea of this action is to take responsibility as a company member in Hong Kong for a sustainable development of the society.

Sven Öhrke

As part of the program, students have the opportunity to gain an insight into the corporate world. In this way, they will learn what skills are needed for a successful career, how companies work, but also how theory from school can be applied in the business world.

Company visits, management meetings, interview workshops and job shadowing give students direct contact with employees of VDE Global Services Hong Kong. In addition to providing insights, the program aims to help set the direction for career choices and inspire young talent and future leaders.

To this end, a "Career Talk" via Zoom was held on March 18, 2021 with the students of the S5 class (11th grade). During the talk, Andreas Loof, Director of Sales VDE Global Services (Greater China), gave students an insight into the topics of the VDE and was available to answer questions.

It has already been decided that 3-4 students will have the opportunity to do an internship at VDE GS Hong Kong in June this year. During this internship, students will be given a basic understanding of the company and its processes, and they will also have the opportunity to internalize theoretical content and shine with their own ideas in a project of their own. For example, the interns will look into the question of which household appliances are of interest to consumers in Hong Kong and what criteria they use to decide on a product.

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