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2021-08-23 short info

VDE PSI – effective support for quality assurance measures

Products shipped from Asia to Europe must comply with the safety and quality requirements applicable here. To ensure this and avoid unnecessary returns, VDE Global Supply Chain Services Co. Ltd. offers a special service: pre-shipment inspection, or PSI for short.

Daniel Röhrs
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The "Made in China" brand is now firmly established. China is the workbench of the world. Many electronic products and their components are manufactured here. But there are still prejudices about the lack of quality of products coming from Asia – both among end consumers and buyers. Many European companies have already had bad experiences with imported goods that do not meet specifications or simply have quality problems. Most companies do not talk openly about these problems or only do so reluctantly, often concealing the fact that products are sourced from China.

And yet, for many European customers, it is often unavoidable to have their products manufactured in China (whether for capacity, space or cost reasons) or to source components from China to manufacture or fabricate their end products. These can be relays and connector systems, for example, but also lights (e.g. LEDs) or electrical tools.

VDE Global Supply Chain Services Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen, China, offers comprehensive inspection and monitoring services so that you can be sure that products purchased from China comply with European specifications in terms of quality and safety, and that your products are manufactured in China in accordance with these specifications. These include, for example, outgoing goods inspection or pre-shipment inspection (PSI) directly before shipment to Europe. Here, among other things, inspections are carried out in accordance with ISO2859-1, DIN40080 or individual customer requirements. The execution of special tests according to VDE procedures is also offered. This service allows corrections to be made directly on site and avoids the need for a return shipment. This not only saves time and money, but also ensures that your products are optimally prepared for testing and subsequent certification at the VDE Institute.

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