VDE Global Services is located in Fabriano
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VDE Global Services Italy

At the Fabriano location, we offer our customers a wide range of technical service solutions for household appliances and commercial devices as well as automatic electrical controls for domestic use.


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Local support, testing and certification

We support manufacturers of household appliances and commercial devices as well as automatic electrical controls in Italy who not only want to launch their products in the local market but in the international one as well. Furthermore, we offer you testing and certification according to international procedures and advise you on standards and guidelines. During the entire testing and certification process, our competent employees assist you both technically and administratively.

In collaboration with local partner laboratories and the resulting opportunity to conduct tests directly in Italy, we not only reduce the test cycle times and thus, the test duration as a whole, but costs as well. Furthermore, VDE Global Services conducts a detailed and personalized evaluation of each customer, including and primarily from an economic standpoint.

Range of products

VDE Global Services Italy tests and certifies a wide range of electrotechnical products

We test and certify all products covered by the household appliance standard EN / IEC 60335. These include the following products, among others:

  • Cooling and freezing appliances
  • Dish washers
  • Induction hobs, ovens
  • Small appliances, such as irons, shavers, coffee machines and hair care appliances
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Washing machines and dryers

Apart from household appliances, we also test and certify the electrical safety and performance of a multitude of commercial devices, such as vending machines, food processors, coffee machines and cooling and freezing appliances for commercial use.

Furthermore, our testing competence also includes components related to standard EN 60730 and the associated part 2, such as inlet valves, controls, relays, pressure switches, connectors and switches for appliances.

We offer the following services

Testing of a coffee machine

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Our location

VDE Global Services GmbH Italy Branch
Via Filippo Rossi 25
60044 Fabriano (AN), Italy 

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