VDE Global Services presents itself and its services at the Station Berlin
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30.08.2019 Messe

VDE on IFA Global Markets

STATION Berlin Hall S1 | Booth 113

From 9/8 to 9/11, industry visitors in the STATION (IFA Global Markets) will have a chance to meet international exhibitors for consumer electronics and home appliances. Of course, the VDE and its subsidiary, VDE Global Services, will not miss out.


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Presentations from our VDE experts

VDE experts speak at the EXPERT TALKS @ IFA Global Markets
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VDE experts will also be represented at the IFA GLOBAL MARKET EXPERTS TALK to report about new developments in the certification industry.

Monday, 09/09 at 1 pm - Michael Wenzel: Consumer Centricity - focus on the consumers, think global - act local

Monday, 09/09. at 1:30 pm - Stephan Thärigen: Product  Compliance and Quality Control in Asia

Tuesday, 10/09 at 1:30 pm - Dr. Dennis-Keni Kipker - Cybersecurity: Aktuelles aus der Gesetzgebung

What you can expect in our booth

We are pleased to present our services from our branches outside of Germany. VDE Global Services is represented by test laboratories and offices in Italy, Greater China, Japan and Korea, among other countries.

Special themes presented at IFA include the following:

  • CCC certification for access to the Chinese market
  • Quality monitoring through testing and inspections
  • Purchasing support for international buyers

Come by and find out more!

Site plan of IFA Global Markets

Site Plan for IFA STATION Berlin

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