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VDE + ZVEH + ZVEI – Fit for the digital future

Hall 26 | Booth 205

The VDE, ZVEH and ZVEI associations present the topics of smart living and digitalization under the motto FIT FOR THE DIGITAL WORLD. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to weld together your own radio station and take it home with you as a souvenir.

Smart home technologies

In the E-house at the IFA 2018, VDE, ZVEH and ZVEI will present a networked kitchen

The House of Smart Living presents itself this year with a new look and shows the benefits and possibilities that a connected home has to offer. Whether it’s smart mirrors, innovative lighting technology or age-appropriate assistance systems, intelligent technologies make future living more convenient, secure and energy-efficient. One new feature this year is that all functions can be operated fully automatically via voice commands.

Furthermore, the 100-square meter model home exhibits numerous comfort elements such as lowerable kitchen cabinets, intelligent electrical fittings in the bathroom, window pane transparency control along with door communication, with which a video image is sent to mobile devices.

E-LAB Live - experience technology up close

VDE IFA 2018, welding and attaching the Berlin radio tower

Welding stations are available for all ages at the VDE, VZVEH and ZVEI joint booth so that you can create the perfect souvenir, a small, blinking version of the radio tower. People attach and weld whatever the thing can hold.

Whether you are a tech newbie or seasoned technology pro, children, adolescents and adults can get their money’s worth at our joint booth and be introduced to welding work by technology students. While doing so, questions on possible desired courses of study can be answered and preconceptions can be debunked as well, because not only do we welcome boys and men but girls and women can also stop by our booth and complete the unique radio tower construction set, which the VDE has put together on the occasion of the IFA 2018.

Hack the Factory

Information security, cyber security or IT security - you are only secure if you know about the dangers.
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Do you know what industry is most affected by data theft, what "Shodan" is or how much malware exists worldwide? Step into the role of a hacker and test your knowledge of attacking factories in the "Hack the Factory" news game, presented by ZVEI.

The process in Hack the Factory mirrors real life:
1. Investigate
2. Attack
3. Cover your tracks

The player decides the role that they wish to play to infiltrate the factory: the script kiddie, organized crime or government hacker. If you want to learn more, you can read information about the motives, finances and equipment of each character. Afterwards, an objective is selected (production, IT or management) and then the factory hacking attempt begins.

Industry 4.0 – chocolate lentils filling line

At the IFA 2018 the VDE will show you how Industrie 4.0 works.

Industry 4.0 is one of THE buzzwords of the past years. You can experience how Industry 4.0 is implemented in practice at the fully-automatic, chocolate lentil filling plant by New Automation e.V. The production process is started with a smartphone app and sweets are filled in a personalized can. The can has a QR code so that the conditions under which it is manufactured can be tracked at any time. Furthermore, you can experience how predictive maintenance works live via a tablet.

Smart Living business initiative

The Smart Living business initiative, aimed at developing Germany to become an international leading market for smart home applications, will be a guest at the VDE, ZVEH and ZVEI booth. Commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), it is supervised by the Smart Living business office.

Contents and objectives of the initiative, as well as participation possibilities, can be discussed at the IFA 2018.

On Sunday, 02.09. at 2 pm on the IFA NEXT Engine Stage (Hall 26a), a panel discussion with representatives from the industry, the Startseite TIC EnglischVDE Institute and users on the topic "No one needs Smart Living!" instead of. Be there and discuss with us.

Smart Living Initiative as a guest at the VDE, ZVEH and ZVEI booth

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