Joint booth at IFA NEXT


VDE Verband der Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik e.V.

VDE + ZVEH + ZVEI – Fit for the digital world

Hall 26.a | booth 224/225

Every year the associations VDE, ZVEH and ZVEI present themselves on a joint booth at the IFA. This year, we focus on the topics of automation, smart home and robotics.

Smart home technologies

In the E-house at the IFA 2017, VDE, ZVEH and ZVEI will present a networked kitchen

In the House of Smart Living, you will be able to immerse yourself into the world of connected life. How does it feel when the refrigerator talks to me or my meal can almost cook itself? You can experience this and more at our joint booth.

The "Semantic Interoperability" demonstrator gives an impression how the smooth interaction of various sub-systems and services can look like in a smart home.

And those of you who would prefer to have a virtual tour of a smart building can wear the virtual reality glasses and start the digital journey.

Industry 4.0 – chocolate lentils filling line

At the IFA 2017 the VDE will show you how Industrie 4.0 works.

Industry 4.0 is one of THE catchwords of recent years. You can experience how Industry 4.0 is implemented in practice in our fully automatic chocolate lentils filling line. The production process is started with a smartphone app and the sweets fill a customized can imprinted with a QR code that allows tracking at all times under what conditions production took place.

E-LAB Live

E-LAB live logo

Solder your own watch together. The housing, which you can customize, comes from a 3D printer.
Or maybe you would rather bring your loved ones a souvenir? In that case, our luminous heart is exactly the right thing!

Table soccer robot

Defeat the robot on a game of table soccer

Who hasn’t played table soccer? But against a robot? Compete against a table soccer robot and show your skill at various levels of difficulty.

Youth development

At the IFA 2017 two teams from the SolarCup Germany will compete against each other

Two exciting VDE youth development events take place on the weekend (09/02 + 09/03).

On the one hand, two Solarcup finalists from Dortmund compete against one another in the annual nationwide children and young peoples' race with self-built solar sportsters – in our race track, they are the teams "The Nameless" vs. "The Blitzkids". The sponsors of the Solarcup are VDE and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

On the other hand, the winners of INVENT a CHIP (IaC), Luca Elbracht and David Vollmer, will present their "self-sufficient house". They demonstrate how a house with photovoltaic units, fuel cells and electrolysis can be operated independently from the public utility. IaC is an initiative of the VDE and BMBF.

Smart Living business initiative

The Smart Living business initiative, aimed at developing Germany to become an international leading market for smart home applications, will be a guest at the VDE, ZVEH and ZVEI booth. Commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), it is supervised by the Smart Living business office.

Contents and objectives of the initiative, as well as participation possibilities, can be discussed at the IFA 2017.

Die vom BMWi geförderte Smart Living Wirtschaftsinitiative vom VDE und weiteren Vertretern aus Wirtschaft ung Industrie

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