The VDE at the IFA in Berlin
Meet the VDE at the IFA 2017!


VDE Verband der Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik e.V.

VDE – e-dialistic future

Hall 26.a | booth 218

This year, the VDE will focus on the topics of energy, smart living and electric mobility at the IFA in Berlin. Our experts will be available as contacts throughout the week. In hands-on activities, you can experience our most important topics up close. Come by and allow yourself to be electrified by electrical technology!


Power Area

VDE pull-up bar calculates the applied energy as a function of time and gravity

At the VDE pull-up bar, you can show us how much strength you have in relation to time, weight, and the Earth’s gravitational pull. Here, it doesn‘t count how many pull-ups you can do, but how long you can hold one. 

Using the self-built drone, we will demonstrate to you how easy it is to penetrate software and cause damage.


Battery energy storage
frank peters / Fotolia

Do you have questions about energy and electrical mobility? If so, then you have come to the right place! From power generation and feeding electricity all the way to utilization, we will convey everything worth knowing about the current status of the standards and the possible testing and certification procedures.

Specifically, we will show you in our booth how photovoltaic panels generate electricity and feed it into the grid – to supply a charging station, which in turn powers an electric car.
An exemplary presentation shows clearly how intelligent building management runs for efficient climate and energy control.

And for all of you who would like to know more about grid quality, we provide a grid analyzer. It demonstrates how the monitoring, analysis and recording of grid sizes in public utilities and industrial applications is made possible.

The online tool "Grid Sandbox" shows how changes in the energy mix affect the processes in the power grid. What happens in the electricity grid when the share of solar and wind energy in the generation of electricity continues to increase? How much power is available? And at what levels of the electricity network is the energy fed? These and other basic relationships of the energy levels can be understood by means of the "Grid Sandbox".

Our VDE experts for these topics will be present and ready to answer all your questions related to the testing process or standardization.

Smart Living

Home control via tablet
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Digitalization keeps advancing and is increasingly becoming a larger part of our everyday life. With smart living, a term has been established that combines digitalized life and work.

The VDE Institute supports manufacturers and suppliers of networked systems in this field as well so they can design them safely for the consumer.

At the IFA, we will demonstrate to you how easy it is to penetrate unprotected systems to steal or manipulate your data. Stop by and take your data with you again as a small treat.