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14 students at VDE Institute on 27th April, 2017 with their instructors on Girls' Day


Girls‘ Day 2017 at VDE Institute

At this year's Girls' Day on April 27, 2017, 14 girls aged between 12 and 15 were guests at the VDE Institute. In addition to a guided tour through the labs, the students also had the opportunity to approach the technical field. With the construction of an electronic circuit and a subsequent functional and safety test, the girls left the VDE institute with a certificate as a junior examiner for successful participation.


Carina Schilay
VDE Institute, Girls' Day, Medical Device

Examiner at the VDE Institute, Ms Oster, demonstrates the functionalty of a medical device.


At the beginning of the day, security officer Daniel Schädel gave the girls an insight into the VDE Institute and informed them about the activities, services and the associated responsibility to manufacturers, customers, authorities and consumers. In order to clarify the importance of careful tests of electrical equipment, Daniel Schädel showed the girls a video showing how in less than 15 seconds a whole living room is under fire because the lighting of the Christmas tree has a serious defect.

In order to get to know the working routine of the women at the VDE Institute, the girls were given a guided tour of the VDE Institute's laboratories, where our employees talked about their career, their technical profession and their activities. At the engine test stand, Ms Robertes explained the test process by means of a motorized gardening tool of which she investigates the individual elements. In the Chemistry Laboratory, Ms von Lienen showed the girls that a washing machine is split into many individual pieces to check the device for the content of chemical substances. In the so-called "test kitchen", Ms Nagel presented the criteria under which an oven must be tested so that the appliance is not only safe but also useable and reliable. In medical technology, one of the girls even becomes a subject: Our examiner, Ms Oster, attached a blood pressure meter to the student's upper arm to demonstrate the functionality of the device.

After lunch, the girls got practically active. In our learning lab, E-Lab Live, they soldered a stress monitor, which shows how much the environment is under stress. If it is too loud, many small LED lights begin to flash on the surface - and they will not soothe itself until the noise level is reduced. But before the girls started out, they were given instructions about safety at the workplace.

The organizing team would like to thank all the students for their participation in the Girls' Day at the VDE Institute and wish them all the best for their further education and professional career.