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Batteries and Fuel Cell Systems

If manufacturers of batteries take less care on quality, there will be a decline on output. Safety could also be in danger. Malfunctioning batteries and accumulators can damage the applications. In the worst case they can catch fire or explode.

Customers who make the safe choice look for products with safety and quality labels. The VDE Testing and Certification Institute tests your products according to the current standards and awards them with all necessary labels for the national and international market.


Stephanie Werner

Testing centre for batteries and environmental tests

The development of electromobility caused an increased demand of efficient and reliable batteries. Therefore, the VDE institute has expanded its inspection services. In addition to existing labors, the VDE institute built a highly modern test center for batterie and environmental tests.

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Inspection of Products

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Batteries for Devices:

  • Computer, Laptops
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Telecommunication
  • Power Tools
  • Garden Tools
  • Medical Devices
  • Measurement and Laboratory Devices
Stationary Batteries:

Testing Facilities:

  • Electrical: Charging and Discharging
  • Mechanical: Shock, Vibration, Crush, Penetration, Drop
  • Thermal: Climate Chambers


Our Portfolio

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  • Safety tests
  • Performance tests
  • Abuse tests
  • Chemical tests (acc. to battery regulation 2006/66EC)
  • Test of Battery Management Systems (BMS)
  • Transport tests


Your Advantages:

  • Check of the compliance of normative and legal requirements for global market access
  • One stop shop for testing and compliance
  • Globally high level of acceptance of VDE test reports

Certification offers safety and market opportunities

The VDE Institute is one of the world's leading institutions for certification in electrical engineering. To the manufacturer, the certification offers both safety and market opportunities at the same time; while to the consumer it offers safety and reliability during product use.
The execution of the certification test takes place based on a comprehensive testing concept to ensure, on the one hand, the quality, safety and reliability of portable and micro fuel cells and, on the other hand, compliance with the test's permitted measurement uncertainty.
Before market launch, and after the testing requirements of standards EN 62282-5-1 (Safety of Portable Fuel Cells), EN 62282-6-1 (Safety of Micro Fuel Cells) or EN 62282-6-3 (Interchangeability of Cartridges for Micro Fuel Cells) have been met, the VDE testing mark can be awarded.

Micro and Portable Fuel Cell Systems

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Testing and certification of micro and portable fuel cell systems

The VDE Institute accompanies these processes in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE and together they offer testing and certification services for micro and portable fuel cell systems for the following applications:

portable application

  • fuel cell as energy supply for different applications, e. g. for mobile phones, laptop computer, drives and generators


peripheral devices

  • the success of the fuel cell is essentially dependent on the availability of the individual peripheral components such as converter and inverter, sensor, cooling systems and for example heat exchanging systems.

Our Service in Fuel Cell Systems

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The testing and certification services comprise of:

  • development accompanying tests
  • type testing for safety and performance
  • FMEA, risk analyses
  • electrical, mechanical and chemical tests
  • environmental tests
  • hazardous gas tests for electrolyzer

Our Partner

Starting with electro technology tests on to the testing of environmental effects – Fraunhofer ISE and the VDE Institute offer complementary services from one source.

  • Pre-competitive research by the Fraunhofer ISE
  • Project monitoring by the VDE Institute and Fraunhofer ISE
  • Standards consulting and representation in standards committees by the VDE Institute and Fraunhofer ISE
  • Comprehensive product evaluation by the VDE Institute and Fraunhofer ISE
  • Certification by the VDE Institute

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