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KOBIL secures Smart Home and IoT applications with VDE certified technology

The German specialist for digital identity, KOBIL Systems, has received the certificate "Information security tested" for its mobile application security technology (mAST) from the VDE Testing and Certification Institute. This seal is awarded by VDE as part of its certificates for information security in the Smart Home sector. With this certificate, KOBIL is well equipped to enter the IoT sub-market Smart Home and is already forging plans to offer solutions for the digital identity on the Internet of Things.

"We have received the official consecration of the leading German testing institutes whose certificates are recognized worldwide. The VDE confirms the information security of our digital identity solution that allows people, machines and things to interact with each other in a binding and secure manner”, explained KOBIL founder and managing director Ismet Koyun.

The security certificate refers to both the server component - the Smart Security Management Server (SSMS) and the Software Development Kit (SDK). KOBIL and its partners use these components to create unique digital identities that enable people, machines and things to be authenticated unambiguously and securely to control digital services, digitally advanced physical products, smart home appliances and smart home networks remotely via the app.

With this strong 2-factor authentication, which also includes an encrypted back channel, KOBIL and its partners can offer secure apps that control and monitor smart home and assisted living products. All appliances from the washing machine to the heating system, garden irrigation systems and access systems can be addressed safely and verifiably. The digital monitoring of sick or handicapped persons in the household can also be realized without abusing personal rights.

In order to test the KOBIL system, VDE test engineers developed a test set-up at the VDE Smart Home Laboratory in Offenbach. The VDE experts subjected the communication interfaces of the SSMS to a penetration test, examined the data packages and evaluated the encryption. 

They installed a reference application on test devices under all current operating systems to test the SDK. In doing so, they tested the reference app in conjunction with the other elements of the SSMS system and a reference web application.

"The market for Smart Home products will grow significantly in the coming years", explains Siegfried Pongratz, Head of Smart Technologies and Digital Systems at the VDE Testing and Certification Institute. "We are very pleased that KOBIL has successfully passed our sophisticated and challenging testing of software components for the security sector. These components are indispensable in the SmartHome area and our certificate verifies that they can be used safely."

KOBIL makes the introduction of the VDE certificate into the Smart Home market easier. But Ismet Koyun has more to say: "The Smart Home is a sector in the much larger IoT market. With the VDE sign, we prove that our solutions are predestined to secure all interactions in the IOT by digital identity and make them binding. We will soon launch the corresponding products on the market."


Dr. Siegfried Pongratz

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