LEONI and VDE Institute while Certificate Awarding Ceremony
2016-12-22 TOP

LEONI Kerpen confirms brand strength through VDE certificate "HF tested"

LEONI Kerpen has been the market and technology leader for decades for symmetrical data cables for application-neutral building cabling. LEONI Kerpen is now strengthening the technology leadership with the new VDE certificate "HF tested".


Giuseppe Messinese

The data rates in computer applications, entertainment functions and building automation are steadily increasing. Numerous and more versatile applications and devices are integrated into the data networks and increase bandwidth requirements. Application-neutral structured cabling is the physical basis for this. The development of data cables with outstanding high-frequency transmission characteristics according to the latest high-performance standards plays a crucial role in the reliability of data transmission.

The high-frequency transmission characteristics are tested and certified by VDE Institute and awarded with a special label: the new "HF tested" certificate.

All high-quality data cable types from category 6 of the LEONI MegaLine® brand line are now not only awarded with the classic VDE marks, but also with the new VDE characteristics certificate "HF tested". Various standards, in particular the IEC 61156-9 and IEC 61156-10 (category 8.2) recently published in April, serve as a basis for this.

LEONI Kerpen is thus again demonstrating its pioneering role in the production of data cables according to the latest state of the art.
With MegaLine® copper data cables and the system technology, high-performance systems for structured building cabling are created.

"We are pleased to have found a partner with LEONI Kerpen, for whom consumer safety and the fulfillment of normative product characteristics is as important as for us," explains Sven Öhrke, Sales Director of the VDE Institute and Managing Director of VDE Global Services GmbH at today's Certificate Awarding Ceremony to LEONI Kerpen Managing Director David Schlenter.

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