Wolfgang Niedziella and Petr Fradkov at the signation of Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding signed by Petr Fradkov (Russian Export Center) and Wolfgang Niedziella (VDE Institute).

2017-05-18 Hannover

Memorandum of Understanding with Russian Export Center

Managing Director Wolfgang Niedziella from VDE Institute and Chief Executive Officer Petr Fradkov from the Russian Export Center have signed a Memorandum of Understanding.


Customer Service

Subject of the Memorandum is a mutual multilateral cooperation in topics for safety and performance of electrotechnical, electronic and information technologies products and systems in the area of standard interpretation, testing, certification and information exchange. The aim is to strengthen the competitive power of Russian exporters’ products and ensure access of their products to international markets.

About VDE Testing and Certification Institute

The registered Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies (VDE), with its 36,000 members (which includes 1,300 companies, 8,000 students and 6,000 young professionals), is one of Europe's largest technical-scientific associations that combines science, work on standards, testing, and certification under one roof.
The VDE Testing and Certification Institute supported by the VDE is a nationally- and internationally- accredited institution in the field of testing, inspection and certification of electrotechnical equipment, components and systems. These electrical products are tested for safety, usability, and further product features. Due to the global digitalization, the VDE Institute has developed test and assessment procedures for cyber security, interoperability and functional safety, offering comprehensive and high-quality testing services in this field.
Since 1920, the VDE mark represents safety and quality in the electrical and information technology. Cooperation agreements in more than 50 countries ensure that the inspections carried out by the VDE receive international recognition. Manufacturers and the trade regard the certificates and marks of the VDE as opening up access to world markets.

About Russian Export Center

The center has been established to provide a specialised service for exporters. Its areas of expertise include export transactions, providing consultations on issues related to exports, assistance in organising exports, and providing support related to export procedures.
Among other things, the center focuses on supporting requests made by exporters working with relevant ministries, agencies and government services.
In providing non-financial assistance, the center aims to coordinate the activities of Russian trade representative offices abroad in supporting export projects.

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