ZMP booth, VDE Institute, intelligent measuring system, smart meter

VDE|FNN booth at this years FNN convention for Counting-Measuring-Testing in Leipzig

2017-05-19 Leipzig

The VDE Institute at the ZMP 2017

The FNN convention Counting-Measuring-Testing (in German: Zählen-Messen-Prüfen ZMP) is the leading event for the intelligent measuring system and takes place every two years. At this year's event more than 800 participants and more than 60 exhibitors were present. From manufacturers of measuring systems, gateways and billing systems to authorities and conformity assessment bodies, all institutions that are important in the industry were represented.


Matthias Hübner

The interest in testing and certification of FNN base meters as well as smart meter gateways continues, especially focused on the testability of these devices. Discussions and conversations on these topics shaped the ZMP convention particularly and gave new insights in this area.

Issues relating to measuring instruments in the field of application were also an important topic for conversation point for manufacturers, authorities and conformity assessment bodies.

The ZMP was a successful congress, focusing on specialist lectures and personal relationships. Networks were strengthened and expanded. In addition, an exchange was held to address the new challenges of the complex topic of smart meter rollout comprehensively.

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