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2021-06-10 review of event

PV Module Quality Assurance: Session highlights from the 36th PV Symposium 2021

By Ulrike Jahn, VDE Renewables

The 36th PV Symposium, the renowned German-language conference on photovoltaic modules and applied PV, was held on 18-26 May 2021. This online conference was attended by more than 370 participants from Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

In the well-attended session on "Quality Assurance of PV Modules", moderated by Ulrike Jahn of VDE Renewables, three renowned PV experts shared their recent study results on these critical topics:

  • Using Deep Learning to predict PV module I-V curves from electroluminescence images - opportunities and limitations
    Dr. Sandy Rodrigues, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH / HI-ERN, Erlangen, Germany
  • Backsheets of PV modules: Status quo, damage cases and experiences from the field and laboratory
    Peter Lechner, Head of PV Module Test Laboratory, Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-Württemberg (ZSW), Stuttgart, Germany
  • Hotspot tests and real partial shading of modern high-power density modules: A probability and risk assessment
    Dr. Bengt Jaeckel, Module and System Reliability Team Leader, Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics CSP, Halle, Germany

To learn more about the results from this session, please contact our expert Ulrike Jahn.