As of March 2021, all energy efficiency classes will be categorized from A to G
New labels for energy efficiency
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VDE Institute tests for UV-C resistance
UV-C resistance testing at the VDE Institute
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The UKCA mark will replace the CE mark after Brexit
Brexit and the CE mark
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In the future, a self-declaration will suffice in China for some products
Important change to product certification in China
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CCC approval for explosion-proof electrical products is mandatory in China
Explosion-proof electrical products require CCC approval for China
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Receive the conformity confirmation of the RoHS requirement with the VDE Institute
RoHS requirements mandatory from March 1, 2020 in the EAEU
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Bild Interoperability
VDE Institute explains Interoperability
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VDE Testing and Certification Institute

VDE Institute News

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What does TIC mean for the VDE Testing and Certification Institute?

TIC are precisely the three letters that define us. Because we at the VDE TESTING AND CERTIFICATION INSTITUTE not only conduct tests on safety, electromagnetic compatibility and other product characteristics but we also perform the appropriate inspections and the final certification to obtain the corresponding certificate.
At the same time, we always operate independently and neutrally in order to deliver consistently high quality and reproducible results. 

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VDE mark – valid certificate or abuse?

The VDE marks are synonymous with safety and allow for simple access to world markets due to the high acceptance of the certified testing service. Devices, components and systems that fulfill the criteria and are successfully certified not only receive the corresponding VDE certificate but also earn a spot in our "Hall of Quality".

Current Information about the VDE Institute

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