Simplified market access for European manufacturers on the Chinese market thanks to VDE and SETRI.
New partnership for testing and certifying power tools and garden equipment
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Switchboard cables and network switches
New CENELEC standard in information technology and IT cables
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A fully anechoic room is now available in Offenbach for testing EMC and wireless appliances
Interference-free digitalization: The VDE Institute opens a new test room for wireless interference and EMC
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Cyber security for fax machines
The VDE Institute warns about legacy fax machines
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Bild Interoperability
VDE Institute explains Interoperability
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Bild IT Security
VDE Institute explains Information security
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VDE Testing and Certification Institute

VDE Institute News

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The VDE Testing and Certification Institute: independent and impartial

The independent and neutral VDE Testing and Certification Institute is a national and internationally accredited institution in the field of testing and certification of electrotechnical devices, components and systems. The electroproducts are tested for their safety, electromagnetic compatibility and other product characteristics. The VDE Institute headquartered in Offenbach was founded in 1920 and is responsible for the worldwide know-how. The results of the tests are scientifically evaluated and impact further developments of electrotechnical standards.

In the exercise of their activities, the employees of the VDE Institute work impartially. The corporate management and processes are based on this principle. The Code of Conduct for the Association of Electrical Engineering, Electronic Information Technology, and all associated companies (VDE) is the binding guideline which provides a reliable guide for daily activities and contain legal and ethical requirements for all VDE employees.

Current Information about the VDE Institute

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