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General Terms and Conditions

The VDE Testing and Certification Institute (VDE Prüf- und Zertifizierungsinstitut GmbH; following VDE Institute) is a company of the VDE Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies, which is the sole shareholder of the institute. The VDE Institute embodies the testing and certification system of the VDE and is an independent, neutral body, free from commercial and other dependencies.

Customer Service

The VDE institute fulfils the criteria, which are established for notified bodies according to the respective EU Directives.
In order to protect the independence of the VDE Institute in respect to its testing, certification and inspection activities and to ensure the integrity on all organization levels, the executive board, the steering committee of the VDE Institute, other committees of the VDE or their individual members do not influence the professional and company-specific testing, certification and inspection activities of the VDE Institute nor do they receive specific information about any of these activities.

The prices for the performance of the testing and certification procedures of the VDE Institute for the customers and license holders will be calculated according to the respective schedule of prices and services. This serves also as an additional aspect to protect the independence of the VDE Institute.

When placing the order you accept the documents PM 045, PM 101, PM 102 and PM 103
Test reports issued by the VDE Institute without the DAkkS accreditation symbol are not covered by accreditation.

For the performance of a test on site within the framework of the VDE TDAP Procedure, PM 108 is valid (it can be provided if necessary).
Note: Only test results from Stage 1 are covered by the accreditation of the VDE Institute.

Decision rule describing how measurement uncertainty accounted for when stating conformity with a specified requirement in a test report:

Conformity statements are decided according to IEC Guide 115, unless otherwise specified normatively or contractually.

Non-normatively specified decision rules are documented in the test report.

Complaints Management

Complaints about a supposed or detected failure of an agreed service or about an expected property of a product tested/certified by the VDE Institute or about other service of the VDE Institute as well as appeals against measures determined by the VDE Institute in the frame of the certification procedures or of incidents, like withdrawal of marks approval, publishing of misuse of a VDE mark etc. please report to our complaints management under the telephone number +49 69 8306-379.

For reporting misuse and illegal usage of the VDE marks as well as conspicuous or defective VDE tested/certified products that do not correspond to normative and legal requirements, also followed by personal or material damage, our contact persons will be available under the telephone number +49 69 8306-267.

For all cases in conjuction with services of testing, assessment, inspection or certification of the VDE Institute please read the Testing and Certification Procedure PM102 of the VDE Testing and Certification Institute.