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VDE – For a worthwhile future

Our world is changing: Everything which might be possible, will be possible. The electrical and digital future - when is it right? Facing alternatives – requires ideals; Safety, breaking new ground; Progress, speaking a common language; Responsibility, connecting business sectors; Innovation for the people.

The VDE develops ideals for a future emerging here and now - in an extraordinary network of research, science, industry, safety and education. We as VDE are shaping a worthwhile future: electrical, digital, for everyone - with ideals. We are building the e-dialistic future.

Compliance and Guidelines

With 36,000 members (including 1,300 companies) the VDE is one of the largest technical and scientific associations in Europe. VDE embraces science, standardization work and product testing and certification under one roof. VDE is involved in technical knowledge transfers, research, and promoting young talents in the key technologies of electrical engineering, electronics and information technology and their applications. Other key activities include ensuring safety in electrical engineering, developing recognized technical regulations as national and international standards, and testing and certifying electrical and electronic devices and systems. VDE works in the fields of information technology, energy, medical engineering, microelectronics, micro- and nanotechnology and automation. The VDE headquarters are located in Frankfurt.

The VDE Institute at a glance

VDE Prüfinstitut

Nationally and internationally, we ensure that your products meet the applicable standards in terms of quality, health, environmental protection, safety and social responsibility in almost every market in the world. We have a wide range of accreditations and approvals and a unique knowledge and know-how when it comes to overcoming regulatory restrictions, market impediments and supply chain problems.

The VDE Testing and Certification Institute helps to improve products during the development phase and to makes market access quick and efficient.

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Accreditations, Approvals and Notifications

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Find here our accreditations, approvals and notifications.

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Compliance and Guidelines

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Every employee of the VDE Institute is obligated to observe the vision, guidelines and quality policy and to observe the rules for responsible action so that the services provided are in accordance with the law and the internal rules.

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General Terms and Conditions

With VDE Institute you have a trustfull partner for your testing and certification.
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VDE Institute's General Terms and Conditions are provided here.

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Current Information about the VDE Institute