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Compliance and Guidelines

Every employee of the VDE Institute is obligated to observe the vision, guidelines and quality policy and to observe the rules for responsible action so that the services provided are in accordance with the law and the internal rules.


Customer Service

VDE – For a worthwhile future

  • We stand for Innovation, Safety and Quality
  • We are The Platform for the next Generation
  • We are regionally well-positioned based on a strong international Network
  • We offer The neutral working platform
  • We share our knowledge
  • We shape and interconnect education, research and application
  • We promote and train
  • Together we develop mutual perspectives
  • We set standards

Our Vision

Safety, quality, sustainability and social responsibility are the goals that the VDE Institute and its policy consistently pursue and promote.

We always strive to provide our services in the highest quality and to meet the requirements of the market to a high degree, taking into account our commissioned order for accident, information security, environment and consumer protection.

We therefore want to meet the needs of today's generation without compromising the potential of future Generations.

We bear social responsibility and are committed to consumer, information security and environmental protection as the mainstay of our Actions.

From this point of view, the VDE Institute, with its responsible, well-trained and highly motivated employees, is claiming a global leadership position for the offered service spectrum.

Our Guidelines

The activities performed by VDE Institute are targeted toward maintaining and supporting technical sciences and their applications.

Helping to define and advance the “state of technology” and working to improve accident, information security, consumer and environmental protection are two of our major contributions.

It is based on technical and scientific activity in the field of electrical engineering and information technology and the knowledge of the associated environmental impacts along with requirements from the VDE Institute’s information security Guideline.

The following individual objectives apply:

  • Testing, certification and monitoring of electro technical products
  • Auditing and certification of management systems
  • Calibration of testing and measurement equipment

These are achieved by:

a) VDE testing and certification activities;

b) our involvement in national, European and international committees, focusing on drafting standards (e.g., DIN VDE, EN, IEC) and on applying and advancing the “state of technology”, especially in the field of electrical engineering;

c) our involvement in the drafting of standards by the committees of the DKE German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies;

d) preparation and preliminary work to define solutions to the technical-scientific challenges facing VDE;

e) support of, and collaboration on, research projects;

f) support of, and involvement in, technical-scientific events;

g) cooperation with other technical-scientific associations in Germany and abroad;

h) training electrical engineering experts in the fields of standards and applied safety technology;

i) identifying and mapping social-technical correlations and their impacts to provide an objective basis for discussing the benefits and/or hazards, environmental compatibility and efficiency of technology;

j) defining benchmarks for the safe generation and efficient application of electricity, as well as for occupational health and safety, and accident research and minimization in the field of electrical engineering;

k) maintaining the exchange of ideas and experience at national and international level through attendance at expert conferences, discussion meetings, seminars and appropriate international congresses, symposia and the like;

l) VDE Institute incorporates statutory and official requirements into its global activities, and into the monitoring and inspection of diverse processes, products and services.

VDE Institute is free from financial or any other influences; it is a non-profit, independent and impartial institute.

Our Quality Policy

The VDE-Institut serves with the subject of enterprise the statutes of the VDE Association.

Its services are aimed in particular at preventing accidents with electronic, electrical and information technology products and at strengthening confidence in the safety of products throughout the life cycle. In doing so, the defined protection objectives ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of the values to be protected by the VDE Institute and its interested parties.

Its services comply both with the state of technology as defined in pertinent standards, specifications, rules and safety requirements and with the requirements defined by law and in specific directives.

All services are based on the obligation of management, including the management of the laboratory and the certification body, to the policy of

  • maintaining impartiality and information security;
  • ensuring compliance with internal and external requirements to the management system;
  • operation and further development of an appropriate, suitable and effective management system.

Based on risks and opportunities and focusing on quality policy objectives, the VDE Institute always strives at all levels to improve the quality of its services, taking into account customer satisfaction and market needs, as well as improving the effectiveness of its management system.

To ensure the quality of measurement and calibration results as well as the control of suitability of performed testing and calibration the VDE Institute commits oneself to participate in relevant, technical and economical reasonable proficiency testing under the consideration of requirements on a basis of laws and directives within the scope of regulatory recognitions / authorizations as well as decisions of the sector committees.

Our services are customer oriented; they inspire trust and do not end once the job is done. We continue to support our customers even after the task has been completed.

The actions are integrated into the services’ structural and procedural organization. The management system fulfills the criteria of national legislation, EU/EC directives, for which the VDE Institute is notified EU-wide along with the requirements of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012, DIN EN ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 and DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 standards with a special focus on making the accreditation field flexible according to DAkkS Category III and DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065:2013 and DIN EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017 for providing testing and certification services in the fields of information security, interoperability and functional safety for connected components and Systems.

The effectiveness of the measures is monitored using internal audits and improved if necessary.

Management reviews ensure that the services provided by VDE Institute are tailored to customer requirements; if necessary, measures are adjusted to improve these services.


Integrity and the observance of external and internal rules is the basis of responsible action and an integral part of our activities.

The VDE Institute sees the compliance rules, according to VDE code of conduct, as an important element of good corporate governance. They are a prerequisite for the measures that we want to ensure that our services are in full compliance with the law and our own internal rules.

We also want to ensure that social standards and values are guaranteed through ethical behavior and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 

The basic rights of the employees are safeguarded, the health and safety of the employees are the top priority. The VDE Institute does not tolerate any form of corruption or unlawful business that is intended to influence decision-making.

Our compliance management is based on the action chain "prevention", "recognition", "reacting". The goal is to anchor this awareness permanently with all executives and employees. Incidents that are not in accordance with our compliance rules are clarified.

The VDE Institute uses compliance management to minimize risk, improve efficiency and increase Efficiency.

For compliance management, a compliance committee is set up, which is the contact person for relevant incidents and which regularly report to the Management.

Compliance management is part of the annual management Review.

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