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VDE Renewables GmbH

Siemensstrasse 30

63755 Alzenau | Germany

Phone: +49 69 6308 5300

Fax: +49 69 6308 5320


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Introducing VDE Renewables

VDE Renewables GmbH

VDE Renewables is your trusted partner for quality assurance, risk minimization and independent engineering services in the renewable energy sector.

A subsidiary of the VDE Group based in Alzenau, Germany, our services include quality testing and certification according to the highest safety, reliability and performance standards, as well as independent engineering and technical due diligence. As a founding member of the IEC standardization body, you can be assured that you have access to the latest knowledge and competence related to industry standards.

We work closely with all structures of the VDE Group and our internationally renowned network, which include the leading research and development bodies such as the Fraunhofer Institutes and insurance firms such as Munich Re. Together with our partners, we can support you with your specific requirements, such as gaining access to new markets, differentiating from your competitors or enabling you to receive more attractive insurance or financing conditions.

About VDE

VDE, one of the largest technology organizations in Europe, has been regarded as a synonym for innovation and technological progress for more than 125 years. VDE is the only organization in the world that combines science, standardization, testing, certification, and application consulting under one umbrella. The VDE mark has been synonymous with the highest safety standards and consumer protection for more than 100 years. Our passion is the advancement of technology, the next generation of engineers and technologists, and lifelong learning and career development “on the job”. Within the VDE network more than 2,000 employees in over 60 locations worldwide, more than 100,000 honorary experts and around 1,500 companies are dedicated to ensuring a future worth living: networked, digital, electrical. Shaping the e-dialistic future.

Our concept: The VDE pyramid of quality

The VDE Pyramid of Quality

VDE's approach is pro-active: to build on established international certification standards and testing to meet specific market requirements and keep pace with state of the art developments for high quality, financially sound projects.

We are in the business of risk minimization. If you're looking to boost your profitability and become a top-tier player in the industry, we can help you develop tailored quality criteria that go beyond established standards. Having superior quality assurance is an opportunity to promote your unique selling proposition and stand out from the competition.

Our policies

We support the activities of our customers in the field of renewable energy and cleantech. In order to effectively pursue this goal, we commit to the quality policies:

  • To build and maintain an organization that is capable of supporting our customers
  • To meet and satisfy our customers’ expectations in accordance with our compliance rules
  • To have a stable financial foundation and financial growth
  • To continuously qualify and train our staff on the latest standards

Benefits of working with our VDE experts

  • A globally active team of experts with solid partnerships with leading institutions like Fraunhofer ISE, VDE Institute, Allianz, Munich Re and more
  • A high degree of flexibility and tailored scope of services that closely follows developing trends in the cleantech industry
  • A lean organization with fast time-to-market and competitive pricing

Why Choose Us?

With more than 130 years of experience, VDE has developed into a unique technology organization combining science, standards and testing under a single roof. With over 30,000 individual members and an expert network of more than 100,000 specialists, VDE is an internationally recognized powerhouse of expertise for all issues relating to the electrical, electronic and information technology industries – worldwide.

VDE Renewables provides testing, certification and advisory services for the renewable energy sector offering expertise geared to the global renewable energy market demand. As a neutral service provider, we offer uncompromising quality assurance to assist you in the validation of all essential testing criteria, certifications, due diligence reports, independent engineering, and renewable energy advisory services.

Our Divisions

Battery Testing and Advisory Services

Batteries must meet the highest standards of safety, performance and lifetime. We provide comprehensive electrical, mechanical, environmental and abuse tests in VDE Labs worldwide. 

Our consultancy services and solutions prioritize safety, performance, and compliance.

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Batterien im Test

Grid Conformity & Power Transmission

Compliance with the grid connection conditions for the feed-in is a crucial prerequisite for the stability and performance of the electricity grids. VDE Renewables validates the grid conformity of your power generation unit (PGU) or your PGP according to the respective grid access regulations or grid codes.

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Back view of a solar panel

PV Modules & Components

Comprehensive testing and certification solutions for photovoltaic (PV) modules and components. Through our in-depth expertise in the latest standards and state-of-the-art technological developments, we can check and confirm the safety and reliability of your PV modules. We can test in our laboratories in North America, Europe and Asia. 

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Photovoltaisches Solarzellenpanel aus der Luft