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Our Service Portfolio at a Glance

VDE Renewables is a globally recognized provider of quality assurance and risk mitigation for batteries and energy storage systems. We support the development and certification of our customers' products through testing in our VDE Prime Labs and provide technical guidance and technical due diligence, focus on the development and implementation of technical criteria with the establishment of pre-standards and improved solutions to achieve bankability and insurabilty.


Dr. Jochen Mähliß
Dr. Jan Geder

Battery Testing

VDE operates multiple state-of-the-art Prime Labs world-wide, providing unique testing capabilities. Our engineers have many years of experience and a deep understanding of battery testing and technology. We support you over the entire battery development process until certification of your product.

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VDE Corporate Standards

In the fast-changing, constantly innovative battery industry, classical standardization often cannot keep up with the dynamics in the market to address the latest innovations in technologies, applications and business models. VDE Renewables developed the customer-tailored “VDE Corporate Standard” to support your company instantly in quality and safety assurance for a fast market access.

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Bankability, Insurability & Due Diligence

Energy storage systems are a key enabler for the transition to renewable energies. Battery manufacturers, power plant operators, utility companies, finance and insurance institutes require independent technical expertise for quality assurance of the BESS to understand and minimize technical and operational risks, maximize reliability and guarantee a return-on-investment.

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Battery Forensics & Accident Investigations

There have been a large number of battery energy storge accidents in the past few years. Battery accidents result in lost revenue, system replacement costs and in the worst case in legal disputes and penalty payments to aggrieved parties as well as potential fines.

VDE Renewables’ dedicated technical experts can work with your engineers, surveyors, authorities and other stakeholders to investigate battery incidents and determine the root causes.

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Battery Trainings & Workshops

With the ever-changing battery industry, training is vital for your employees to stay up-to-date, increase their knowledge and improve their professional skills to work safely and effectively in the workplace.

VDE Renewables offers practice-oriented knowledge for customized seminars, courses and workshops at our facilities, in-house at the client as well as online trainings.

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Value Proposition

  • VDE is a globally recognized and trusted brand
  • We operate state-of-the-art Prime Labs worldwide, providing unique testing possibilities
  • Our engineers offer an excellent knowledge and deep understanding in battery testing
  • VDE is a reliable partner and passionate in supporting you over the entire battery development process
  • We are dedicated to the highest quality work
  • We have our own certification authority for fast processing

EMILAS Project


As part of the EMILAS project, VDE Renewables carried out an evaluation of the safety and reliability of charging stations for BEVs with second life battery storage.

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