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Battery Advisory and Consultancy Services

Are you looking for expert guidance and tailored solutions for your energy storage needs?

At VDE Renewables, we're dedicated to delivering unmatched value to our clients. With a blend of technical expertise and a customer-centric approach, we ensure your specific requirements are met with precision and care.

VDE Renewables assists companies with the implementation of projects in the renewable energy sector and covers the entire battery value chain. Our service portfolio includes the evaluation of company-specific solutions and their implementation in projects with regard to their safety and cost-effectiveness. The focus is on the development and implementation of technical criteria based on standards and pre-standards with the aim of improving solutions while maintaining the highest quality standards.

In addition to our service offering, we also provide customized training courses on the various storage technologies, allowing you to benefit from the first-hand knowledge of our battery experts and implement it for yourself. We provide the necessary know-how and best-practice solutions in application-oriented training courses to make it easier for you to implement the regulation to suit your individual needs. We develop the consulting concept in close collaboration with you according to your requirements.

Our advisory and consulting offer to you:

  • We will advise you - on standards and market access requirements
  • We will train you - with battery training courses and workshops
  • We will evaluate you - on technical due diligence of products, projects and processes
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We advise you - Standards and Market Access Requirements

Our battery advisory service involves providing expert guidance on various aspects of batteries. This service is offered by knowledgeable professionals who understand battery technologies and best practices. This includes advising on applicable standards, technical support, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Research and advice on standards of batteries are vital to ensure safety, interoperability, and quality across the industry. Standards help manufacturers produce batteries that meet rigorous safety requirements, minimizing hazards and ensuring reliability. Compliance with standards also facilitates market access by demonstrating product quality and safety to consumers and regulatory bodies. Thanks to our knowledge and our networking in standards committees, we can offer you first-hand knowledge and support you in the right choice of applicable standards for your product.

Understanding battery technologies, manufacturing processes, and market trends is essential for producing high-quality products that meet industry standards and our customers’ expectations. Additionally, knowledge of market dynamics, competition, and emerging technologies allows businesses to identify opportunities and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving battery industry.

In essence, this knowledge enables businesses to strategically decide, innovate, and effectively enter the battery market.

Choose VDE Renewables for unmatched expertise and comprehensive solutions in battery advisory and consultancy services, backed by a team of seasoned professionals with a proven track record of success. We prioritize our clients' success, offering industry insights, innovative approaches, and a commitment to excellence to help you thrive in the competitive battery market.

We train you - Battery Training & Workshops

VDE Renewable´s training seminars and workshops are developed and conducted in close alignment with customers´ needs and expectations. Our battery experts have a deep understanding of battery technology and years of training experience, providing first-hand knowledge that can be directly implemented.

Training can be tailored to all levels of experience for your employees – from beginners to experts, and we support you throughout the battery value chain.

Our seminars are modular in structure, so that you choose the appropriate focus areas according to your needs and select the appropriate content for the corresponding target group. We can conduct the training workshops in person at your premises or online. 

We offer the following battery training seminars, among others:

  • Lithium-Ion Battery Technology: Our seminars cover the Li-Ion Battery market, construction, characteristics, lifetime, safety, handling, storage and transport.
  • Battery Regulation for economic operators: We provide you with customized advice on the interpretation and layout of the requirements of the Battery Regulation and accompany you step by step on the way to the CE declaration of conformity. Our seminars provide support for the "Battery Pass" project by providing technical guidelines, particularly in the field of industrial batteries. Our current focus of work is on the detailed characterization and evaluation of circularity and key performance indicators along the value chain.Within the consortium, we are defining possible technical solutions, taking into account all stakeholders involved with the aim of making the metrics and relevant processes auditable.

We evaluate you - Technical Due Diligence of Products, Projects and Processes

Through our deep expertise and field experience, we are able to provide technical due diligence reports tailored to the needs of project developers and lenders. Before signing up with an EPC and O&M provider, we can step in as a neutral party to review the technical capabilities of the potential service provider, as well as technical aspects of their offered contract to ensure that all key aspects of the project are properly addressed. We can then continue accompanying the project as it develops by reviewing procurement and EPC reports. By implementing independent quality assurance in the technical feasibility stage of a project, design errors, as well as the resulting cost and effort for future remediation measures can be avoided.

VDE Renewables battery and Energy Storage Systems due diligence services also include carrying out of audits. We offer you neutral testing by a third party which fulfills the market requirements for bankability.

Our Services

Technology Assessment


Battery integration &
operation management


Expertise in battery technologies & materials: 


  Ensuring the quality
  of your products:

We analyze and evaluate materials, processes, and technologies throughout the entire lifecycle of a battery. Our aim is to identify the best and most sustainable technology option by considering economic, environmental, and social impacts, taking into account specific constraints.

Our expertise lies in optimizing the integration and operational management of storage-based energy systems. We specialize in both on-grid and off-grid applications, with a particular emphasis on seamlessly integrating large-scale systems, as well as commercial, industrial, and medium-sized storage solutions

Expertise in battery technologies and materials: Our battery cell manufacturer services cover assessing suitable materials for specific applications, evaluating appropriate cell architectures for unique applications, sustainable optimization and streamlining production processes.


VDE Renewables stands for safety and quality. We support you in setting benchmark requirements and quality standards for your suppliers, products and processes. We offer you truly independent assessments and work with you to achieve the highest quality standards.

  • Market analysis & Strategy development
  • Conception of storage applications
  • Li-ion technology
  • Compliance assessment
  • Requirements from standards
  • Optimization & characterization
  • Na-ion technology
  • Audits & factory acceptance tests
  • Availability of raw materials
  • Implementation in individual application environments
  • New battery materials
  • Support in implementing bankability &  investability criteria
  • Evaluation & comparison of production technologies
  • Technical due diligence reporting
  • Cell designs
  • Premium certification based on international standards (VDE Corporate Standard)
  • (Design for) Recycling
  • Process support
  • Battery transport
  • Support with permits & location

Why choose our battery advisory and consultancy services?

At VDE Renewables, we offer comprehensive support to various industries, including component manufacturers, battery module producers, system integrators, and machine manufacturers, ensuring the development of competitive products. From selecting cutting-edge technology at the cell level to integrating the finished system into applications, we provide expert assistance every step of the way.

Our proficiency spans the entire value chain, encompassing design, simulation-based optimization, and characterization of energy storage systems, followed by laboratory testing and field implementation. Whether through research collaborations or individual R&D services, we aid battery system manufacturers, project developers, and industrial users in realizing successful storage projects.

As a neutral service provider, we offer uncompromising quality assurance to assist you in the validation of all essential testing criteria, certifications, due diligence reports, independent engineering, and renewable energy advisory services.

Our commitment:

We specialize in tailor-made solutions crafted to suit your company's unique needs, avoiding jargon and generic templates.

Your benefits:

  • Alignment with your specific requirements
  • Customized solutions tailored to your market situation
  • Implementation of best practices
  • Addressing current and future industry trends

How we can support you

Battery Regulation Seminars

Batterie erneuerbare Energie Innovation EV Lithium
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2024-04-23 Seminar

On July 28, 2023, the European Commission published the new Union Battery Regulation, which replaces the Battery Directive 2006/66/EC. This regulation came into force on August 17, 2023 and will take effect in all EU member states from February 18, 2024 after a 6-month period.

The Battery Regulation affects all players along the battery life cycle and includes comprehensive documentation and verification requirements. Companies face challenges, particularly when it comes to the design and compliant implementation of the specific requirements for different battery categories

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