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Battery Testing & Certification

VDE Renewables operates multiple state-of-the-art Prime Labs world-wide, providing unique battery testing capabilities. With many years experience, our engineers have a deep understanding of battery testing and technology. 

We support you over the entire battery development process until certification of your product. Our services are tailored to your unique needs to support you with your battery testing and battery certification. 

Our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited test laboratories use modern testing equipment to guarantee precise and reliable measurement data. Our unique selling points include more than 700 test channels handling voltages of up to 1000 V and currents up to  2 000 A, vibration and shock test systems with maximum loads of up to 1 000kg, and superimposed climatic chambers, as well as walk-in climatic chambers with a volume of 45 m³.

Our experts offer comprehensive guidance on the development of test specifications and we can also test to your individual requirements and set a special focus on performance and abuse tests. 

We test to national and international regulations and standards, and guide in the assignment of applicable standards for market access world-wide. 

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VDE Prime Labs - Battery Test Centers

One of the main focuses of our electrical testing is on the performance and abuse testing of consumer and automotive cells. We have more than 700 test channels in our Prime Labs, including more than 140 cell test channels with a maximum current of at least 300 A, which can be parallelized to currents up to 2.000 A. Our large battery test channels provide voltages up to 1.000 V at maximum powers of 540 kW.

Climate Chambers for Battery Testing
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Our Prime Labs have shock and vibration testing systems with a maximum force vector of 120 kN, mounting surfaces of 1.20 x 1.20 m and a maximum load of up to 1.000 kg. Shaker tests are also possible under thermal and climatic superposition with simultaneous loading/unloading.

Our environmental simulation includes over 50 temperature and climate chambers, with temperature change rates of up to 18 K/min and a maximum size of over 45 m3. Temperature shocks and cycles are as much a part of our service spectrum as IP, corrosion and EMC tests.

In our battery abuse testing, we simulate foreseeable misuse and abuse such as nail penetration, crush simulation, and thermal runaway propagation. For this purpose, we have twelve abuse chambers connected to a flue gas scrubber and equipped with manually controllable and automated extinguishing devices.

We test and certify batteries for a wide range of applications, from garden tools, power tools, medical equipment, household equipment, electric vehicles, through to commercial and industrial energy storage systems.

Our certifications according to the CB scheme are recognized worldwide and our VDE mark of approval is very well known.

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